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  1. Google Drive account also disabled:

    This means I won't upload anymore! Big thanks for the one reporting it... :/

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    2. schmirnoff
    3. echoecho


      dammn to all that policies of these govts. there are so many series of cartoons that needs to be recovered like aliens vs monsters :/

    4. echoecho


      hi cartoons how are you even though your out of game we all miss u alot too much time has passed but still your work is sooooo big to cover so inspite of that I request you to please do not move away I said it over the forum and I say it to you that whatever I got from your post I will share it as soon my cable guy revise its net policy well could you please revive your google link its dead and I still have to get  Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja I only grabbed till now 1-13 eps of season 1 but net is slow and i am going through my exams so I stopped downloading could you please consider to revive your google link I start downloading from 1st of january 18 im msging you now so you may this atleast a week till now anyway GOD bless you man without you 


      American Dragon: Jake Long

      Ben 10: The Complete Series

      Braceface: The Complete Series 

      Casper's Scare School




      Class of the Titans

      Codename: Kids Next Door

      Danny Phantom (I think dvdrips were also from you) 

      Dexter's Laboratory 


      Dragon Hunters

      Dragon Tales

      El Tigre

      Famous 5: On the Case

      Flying Rhino Junior High


      Jackie Chan Adventures

      Johnny Bravo


      Max Steel their were 2 versions 

      Mona the Vampire

      My Life as a Teenage Robot

      Sabrina's Secret Life

      The Emperor's New School

      The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy

      The Mighty B!

      Yin Yang Yo!

      Batman The Animated Series 

      Popeye Vol.1-3

      So many that I might not know or forgot  none of this would have ever happen thank you so much from my bottom of my heart  :x9_9:beauty:

  2. If you want to get access to my private account send me a PM with your mail address and I will add you! :D 

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    2. Cartoons
    3. EccentricOne


      I've started noticing 'over download quota' error messages. I was worried about that 

    4. hideme1011


      OMG that's an incredible EARLY BIRTHDAY present for me!!!! It's not until Friday!!
      Look forward to having the privilege to see your collection

  3. I can't re-download all content because some iTunes accounts are disabled. But if I can re-download them it would be 1080p as they are more preferred here I guess.
  4. I know most of the shows I uploaded are down. I don't have much of the anymore, because I deleted them a while ago. I try to re-download and upload them again. I can add you to my Google Drive account, which I will regurlary update. I know I told you guys I quit, but I think this is very sad, so I will try to help you out!
  5. Starting from scratch. Follow me here: 


    1. ThePJzer


      Lead the way dude! ^_^


      You were gone before I got here, so I'll be sure not to miss out before you're gone again.

    2. Duckgoose


      Welcome back Cartoons!

  6. Back for a limited time. ;)

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    2. DJStarfish
    3. Soldy


      Great news! Welcome back ^_^

    4. Kii-lon


      AH CARTOONS, good to see ya again and welcome!
      Even if for a limited time hehe!


      Have fun!

  7. Yo,


    Haven't been here for ages! Are you still uploading cartoons? Haven't talked to you and Goofy for a while. How's life? :)


    I think your inbox is full. :P

    1. DigiPokeMon


      Who is Goofy Cartoons?



    2. spaceman99


      I imagine goofy101

  8. Okay I haven't been here for while, but I want to let you guys know I'm out for good. I deleted all my animated content (over 5tb) and won't upload anymore (maybe in a rare case only). The reason I quit is because I don't much care about animation anymore.


    There are also plenty of good uploaders here, so I'm not needed anymore.


    I wish you all the best! :D

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    2. Pacific85


      I hope you move on to your new life after Kametsu, we hope you come back to this site in the future.

      Thank you for uploading some cartoons. It's been our pleasure to meet you.



    3. Yatogam1


      Thanks for all man. I discovery so many cartoon because you. You're a legend!


      I wish the best for you too.

    4. Walter Bishop

      Walter Bishop

      Thank you you like many of the cartoons that i had alot of trouble finding glad someone else besides me was putting in the work so they will still be out there.

  9. It's a shame to see the cartoons section isn't active anymore. :/

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    2. Blitzepidemic


      I think it's safe to say everybody here who watches cartoons would be extremely happy to see you return.

    3. iBreaker


      It would be amazing if you could return and continue your original Dragon Ball releases! :) I know I'm looking forward for them! ;)

    4. Pikanet128


      ut oh if your coming back you might retake the 2 all time most likes

      i better get to work

  10. Cartoons

    We've Upgraded to IPS 4.1

    Thanks for the new theme. I like the white and clean interface. Good job! :)
  11. Gonna leave this cartoons scene. Good bye!

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    2. Koby


      Will you be finishing any of your current on-going projects here?

    3. Cartoons


      Yeah I try to do. But I probably won't upload every week but only seasons. I still do iTunes request though.

    4. zeeshan


      best of luck dear cartoons we shall miss you n your work but your life is important so best of luck in your life may you be successful like you were here tc bye 

  12. Cartoons


  13. Cartoons


  14. First have to say this new rule sucks. But I get the point a little. Your reaction 'If it's something you want as an uploader/encoder yourself; shouldn't you go buy it?' is a little oversimplified. For example I don't have the money to buy them all. That's where those topics are for. If people are interested they can donate. And it is succesful, as I did start quite a lot of it and some persons donated for them. And not all those topics I'm interested in. There are requests made by PM by other people too. I have to say I like a lot of animation so yeah I'm most of the time interested . So that with your reaction 'I want this show, donate to me so I can get it; perks for doing so is I will share it for you on file hosts'. Ofcourse everyone could take donations, purchase, download, remove DRM and upload the video files. The point is that: - Not everyone knows how to do it - Not everyone wants to take the time for it - Not everyone has a good download speed and or upload speed. For those people are a simple donation a better option. And with that option you will have a lot better cartoon section, as there will be more different cartoons available. Now I understand that those topics are a little messy and I would like to see a 'Donate' section if possible. I uploaded a lot on this site in the cartoon section and I would like to continue doing so, but this 'rule', well let's say I'm less motivated now. If you want to react on my opinion you could also PM me. Cheers!