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  1. hi, can you pls kindly give me links to these shows? your previous links are all dead thanks in advance man

  2. Hi friend. Can you share Dragon Tales please?

  3. all folders are down 

  4. hi dear I think no one has ever told you about your rip about the dragon tales and I think it too late now caz that series may not be available on netflix now but you should be told that season 1 episode 1 is a bit glichy at the start is there anything can be done to correct that?

  5. could you reupload Dragon Tales please?

    1. CronoFlash


      I'll see about re-uploading these if Cartoons is cool with it. The only set of encodes of his I had backed up too before my one HD crashed

    2. dontebell


      did you talk to cartoons see if he okay with it?

  6. I can't re-download all content because some iTunes accounts are disabled. But if I can re-download them it would be 1080p as they are more preferred here I guess.
  7. I know most of the shows I uploaded are down. I don't have much of the anymore, because I deleted them a while ago. I try to re-download and upload them again. I can add you to my Google Drive account, which I will regurlary update. I know I told you guys I quit, but I think this is very sad, so I will try to help you out!
  8. Starting from scratch. Follow me here: 


    1. ThePJzer


      Lead the way dude! ^_^


      You were gone before I got here, so I'll be sure not to miss out before you're gone again.

    2. Duckgoose


      Welcome back Cartoons!

  9. Back for a limited time. ;)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DJStarfish
    3. Soldy


      Great news! Welcome back ^_^

    4. Kii-lon


      AH CARTOONS, good to see ya again and welcome!
      Even if for a limited time hehe!


      Have fun!

  10. Welcome back, Cartoons.

  11. Yo,


    Haven't been here for ages! Are you still uploading cartoons? Haven't talked to you and Goofy for a while. How's life? :)


    I think your inbox is full. :P

    1. DigiPokeMon


      Who is Goofy Cartoons?



    2. spaceman99


      I imagine goofy101

  12. Send you a private message. Please check it.

    1. Pacific85


      Cartoons is retired.

  13. Thank you for all your amazing cartoon uploads, a lot of them are hard to find in good quality and your uploads bring joy to cartoon lovers all around the world!

  14. Okay I haven't been here for while, but I want to let you guys know I'm out for good. I deleted all my animated content (over 5tb) and won't upload anymore (maybe in a rare case only). The reason I quit is because I don't much care about animation anymore.


    There are also plenty of good uploaders here, so I'm not needed anymore.


    I wish you all the best! :D

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Pacific85


      I hope you move on to your new life after Kametsu, we hope you come back to this site in the future.

      Thank you for uploading some cartoons. It's been our pleasure to meet you.



    3. Yatogam1


      Thanks for all man. I discovery so many cartoon because you. You're a legend!


      I wish the best for you too.

    4. Walter Bishop

      Walter Bishop

      Thank you you like many of the cartoons that i had alot of trouble finding glad someone else besides me was putting in the work so they will still be out there.

  15. Check out at this site - https://itunes.apple.com/us/tv-season/wabbit-season-1/id1042019887. There are 4 more new videos of Wabbit. Any chance of uploading them when you have free time, please?

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