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  1. For new forum goers, the Live Action section, also known as the promised land, is but an urban legend they are told to help them sleep at night. "Be a good boy and get your post count up and one day you will be granted access." For many leechers, this remains but a fairy tale, but for the chosen few who are gifted with this great power, they are rewarded with their greatest desires.
  2. The source would most likely be iTunes. A while ago iTunes released a 1080p version of Season 1. There wasn't too much improvement over the 480p as far as I remember, but a welcome improvement none the less.
  3. Definitely not the best release... Shaanig is a mini encoder. Since I have no interest in the shows, I'm not sure what the best releases would be, but definitely not that one.
  4. Do the opposite of what's in the other thread. Write a batch script for Ffmpeg but have the input be MP4 and the output be MKV.
  5. There is allegedly a tool that can do direct rips from Netflix, but as far as I'm aware only a few groups have it. Nobody is going to share it around though in fear that it will get patched by Netflix.
  6. No worries. I'll have them up in a few hours.
  7. They're on IPT, if you're a member there. If not, I'll grab them for you.
  8. Always happy to help. I've spent years working for online payment providers, so I've got a wealth of knowledge just waiting to share
  9. While Mega will ask for the card holders name and address, Mega doesn't have the facilities to actually validate the card data you enter, so you could enter the card holder name as Joe Bloggs and your address as 123 Fake Street and it will still be approved by the banks when the transaction gets processed. When you process an online payment, the payment gateway, or merchant bank (whichever Mega uses to power their payments) will only really check that the card number is a valid card number and that there's funds available to process the payment. They don't check the address registered to the card, or even if the cardholder name entered actually matches the card.
  10. Any prepaid Visa or MasterCard should work. You don't need to register a name or address with it, as those sorts of details aren't normally checked against the card when an online payment is made. Most online payment providers would just check that the card number is valid and that there are funds available.
  11. MP4 and MKV are just containers. The audio and video streams can be copied between them without re-encoding anything. So it's not unrealistic at all for Ffmpeg to be much faster than Handbrake since one is capable of just remuxing the streams into a new container and one is a video encoder.
  12. 265 and HEVC are the same thing. While it was designed to reduce bandwidth requirements by compressing content better at lower bitrates, not everybody uses x265 with compression in mind. The settings of the encoder can be tweaked to reduce the loss of detail present in x265 encodes, but it also makes encode times very unbearable. In some tests I ran, after tweaking the encoder, I was looking at encode times of around 4 days for a 22 minute show.
  13. While it's true the majority of x265 content are re-encodes, there are also groups that encode in x265 directly from the bluray disc (or whatever other source there is), just as one would do with x264. You shouldn't really assume anything just based on what encoder is mentioned in the file name.
  14. h.264 or what you'll commonly see referred to as x264 is the encoder used by most platforms, iTunes included. In no way does having 264 in the title imply for compression, or re-encoding, as you are referring to.
  15. The anime has recently finished in Japan. The English dub has always been behind. Every few months more episodes get dubbed in English and released.