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  1. Does anyone have Funimation DVD rips of episodes with the recaps and NEPs, like the ones DarkDream was doing? Even good VHS rips will do and it doesn't have to be dual-audio. Just English is fine.
  2. I was on ADC with an awesome ratio, but they deleted my account due to a mere 60 days of inactivity. Well, anyway; the solution was, that I just needed to use the latest Winzip. My Winrar and 7zip couldn't identify the compression method, but the latest trial version of Winzip did it for me.
  3. So, I got the Dragon Ball Z Dragon Boxes off Nyaa which were originally on ADC and I'm having a problem with the translation patch. The 7zip refuses to open or extract. I keep getting the error, “unsupported compression method” for all the files when I try to extract. If possible, could someone please re-upload the patch for me or guide me about another way I could apply it?
  4. I totally agree. Someone really needs to google drive or mega those full ISO discs. I uploaded Funi vols 1-3 on MySpleen, but I sadly, I don't have the rest, or I would have uploaded them too.
  5. Any idea where I could get Dragon Ball Z VHS rips episode 180-276? I'm looking to remaster some Ocean stuff.

    1. Arian


      I know you didn't ask me, but I'm going to be posting very high quality stereo rips of those episodes later this month, so just sit tight and follow this thread:



    2. SylentEcho
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X02o7l9LB2UDoes anybody have a Power Zone episode with this intro?Can I currently find this on any torrent? It's so rare and it's the version I grew up with. I'm surprised to not see it on so many of the CN recordings from the 90s.
  7. So, we've had the Ocean dub remasters of Dragon Ball Z from episodes 108-179 for a while, now. Does anybody know if more were done and where to find them? If anybody has more, could you please upload them for us?
  8. Aw, man! Registrations are closed. (requested for one on Reddit. I hope somebody helps) Any other sources to get these? I've been looking for years!
  9. Does anybody have any full episodes of Toonami (preferably with Dragon Ball Z)? I'm surprised that these are so rare to find. I've only been able to find a few on archive[dot]com. Any help will greatly be appreciated.
  10. Hey man, how's it going?


    Was wondering if you could link me to the thread that says which TVrip DBZ episodes  we need for the missing NEPs and Recaps for that all-in-one DBZ project.


    One of our members, Zuri_786 seems to have quite a large collection of TV rips and we might get lucky.

    1. DragoonClawNZ


      I don't remember which one that was, sorry. Hadn't paid much attention to it.

  11. I don't think I've taken too long a break. I currently don't watch as much as I used to back in college, like 300-500 episodes of something. I just don't have the time to do that. I follow one or two animes weekly and keep a good balance between that and other TV shows, so that nothing feels too monotonous.
  12. First anime I ever saw was Ninja Robots, but Dragon Ball Z got me into Anime proper and Bleach and Naruto (Part 1) made me expand into other different ones. The one that kept me there is Dragon Ball / Z.
  13. Btw, dude. Do you happen to have full episodes of the Saiyan and Namek arcs in Hindi? I can only find snippets of them here and there and just episode 1 in it's entirety. 

    1. Subhraneel


      if you are talking episodes from s01-05, they are not airing or only a few aired! One of the reasons of this due to PTA!

    2. Subhraneel


      *talking of

  14. So, I got most of the episodes off a guy on ebay and they're semi-HQ/HD. I'll see what I can do with them.

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    2. SylentEcho


      Here you go:



      I also added in Episode 145. It's complete. Could you please send me the clips/episodes from Saiyan-Namek you have as well?

    3. Subhraneel


      hey I am contacting u via Personal Message on Kametsu! We will discuss on it there too!

    4. Subhraneel
  15. Anybody got a MEGA folder or a good torrent for Naruto Shippuden 300 and beyond in good quality? Preferably 100mb-ish. All I'm able to find are those pixelated mini-encodes that are 40-60mb. I'm sure a lot of people are looking for this and I hope someone can help or upload them for us. I'll help share and re-share them in the future, if need be.