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  1. Hi! Thank you SO much for the latest Adventure Time time seasons! One thing, though: S06E12 doesn't seem to work - I though you'd want to know!


    Thanks once more!

    1. aliqandil


      You're welcome! :D

      OW! :|


      Will check, thanks for saying...

    2. johnnyintrepido


      No problem! Also I think S07E08, S07E25, S07E26, S08E06 and S08E20 are missing (also one minisode maybe?? i don't know if "The Gift That Reaps Giving" was officially released alongside the other 3 shorts)


      Sorry if this is annoying and thank you so much for all your work!

  2. Hi! One question: since you uploaded the second season of Wander Over Yonder in 1080p, are there any plans to do the same with the first one?


    Thanks so much!

    1. aliqandil


      I've already done season one!

    2. johnnyintrepido


      Oh, apologies! I'll search for it, thanks so much ^^

  3. Hi, I'm JohnnyIntrepido. I'm an aspiring animator and have been in this website for a while, and even though I've only commented a couple times I'm incredibly thankful to all of you guys!
  4. johnnyintrepido

    Last Live-Action Movie you Watched?

    Shaun of the Dead. Amazing.