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  1. Steam celebrates 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence. Polish games with up to 90% discount. https://store.steampowered.com/sale/polishsale/
  2. Here is what was Netflix officially published concerning cast:
  3. save the #Witcher series remake, sign: http://bit.do/wiedzmin

    1. Koby
    2. megajew


      Idris Elba for Ciri

    3. Myrodis19


      I dont get why this is a thing. Ciri is white/pale, its one of her primary characteristics. She should be white.

  4. slowmo

    Ripping from Amazon Video

    If someone wants to edit the RAW file and/or apply some extra filters he can use an AviSynth script like the one I created: RawSource(file="c:\cache\pobrane.raw", width=1920, height=1080, pixel_type="YV12", fpsnum=24000, fpsden=1001)
  5. slowmo

    Best Tool for Migrating Windows 7 to SSD?

    i used Paragon Migrate OS 4 that was attached do computer magazine, but all software work identical, just install both drives on your computer, run the software, pick partition you want to copy and a SSD drive and everything else should be automatic.
  6. slowmo

    Best Tool for Migrating Windows 7 to SSD?

    there are a lot software like this some of them are free, i migrated my self recently it's very easy and all is made automatic, it will move the files, change the settings in Windows 7 and after restart all will be set without anything to worry about.
  7. slowmo

    OCR subtitles from Netflix accurately

    you need a webbrowser extension like Tampermonkey, install it for Firefox or Chrome and then add the file in the settings of the Tampermonkey plugin.
  8. slowmo

    OCR subtitles from Netflix accurately

    subtitles on Netflix are in text format, just look here. https://github.com/isaacbernat/netflix-to-srt the ones based on pictures can be easily converted -> here: https://greasyfork.org/pl/scripts/26654-netflix-subtitle-downloader
  9. slowmo

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    it is all a matter of encoding parametres, if the FlixGrab app would have encoding setting to choose from, it would be a perfect solution, the quality would be almost identical to original files from NF, maybe they goona add it in new edition.
  10. slowmo

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    the offers that you find on the net are usually scams.
  11. slowmo

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    the one i have downloaded is true netflix download using Wvdownloader by a scene group, with AC3 5.1 384 kbps. This app FlixGrab is propably using a hole in widevinecdm that was discovered sometime ago, so the program is using undecrypted RAW video and converts on the fly, then downloads the E-AC 5.1 192 kbps file from Netflix server (audio and subtitles on NF are DRM free), this it the sam file that you can download using official Netflix app for Windows 8 and 10. Original Netflix file has 3 ref frames, and bitrate ending with 0, for example bitrate 4210 kbps.
  12. in 1080i Blu-Ray it's almost for sure 29.970 telecine material, if you are using Handbrake set Detelecine > Default and set Constant Framerate at 23.976, for 480i DVD you should also check Deinterlace > Decomb and experiment with Preset and Interlace Detection start with Default and LessSensitive.
  13. Blu-ray format supports 1080i and 480i, so yes, interlacing is possible on Blu-ray, for example UK BD release of Pokemon Indigo League had telecine, so in Handbrake you just need to set detelecine to default and change the FPS to 23.976, if material is 480i you should also check Deinterlace -> Decomb.
  14. slowmo

    NETFLIX DL (source) ?

    yup, it's pretty simple: https://github.com/isaacbernat/netflix-to-srt