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  1. What's with the pronunciation?!
  2. Ah... I meant to type Phase 4... lol.. typo! Thanks.
  3. Is this part of Marvel Phase 5 or an independent movie?
  4. The Snail and the Whale... my little nephew made me watch it like a hundred times... But it's very cute. I've generally enjoyed most of the Batman animated movies (Son of Batman, Batman vs Robin, Bad Blood) and I really enjoyed Teen Titans vs Justice League and Teen Titans vs Teen Titans Go. That's all I can remember for now!!
  5. I'm good... though my family (Dad, Mum, Grandad and little sister) caught Covid about two months ago... they all recovered including my Grandad who's 90. He was the one we were most worried about, but it was quite a difficult time for all of us. My Grandad got his first jab a few days ago.
  6. Hey no worries... I enjoy the stuff you post here.
  7. Correction: Muslims have nothing to do with red. Wearing red on a wedding is a Hindu thing, but gained popularity over the past 70 or so years among the whole of the sub-continent.
  8. I was planning to watch it here on Sunday... but the entire area is going to be cloudy!!!
  9. I'm currently watching the Digimon Adventure Tri movies... they're not bad... but I think I enjoyed it more as a kid!
  10. I hope they dub Jujutsu Kaisen... the manga is really good!
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