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  1. I'm like, how is Captain Planet and some other series links still active when MEGA deleted my accounts?

    ....On my index page, there is a pink exclamation mark ...this is the Hanna-Barbera DVDRip's backup. I created this the first time all links went down and had completely forgotten about it.


    Please don't share these links outside of Kametsu community. 


    Anyways, by the end of March 2019 my NAS servers will be complete, at which time I'll also introduce my Kodi build, along with my Plex servers.


    Best regards,


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    2. marbleroll


      >_< I missed Tooncore's birthday.. (Happy late birthday :D ) also I see that Kodi is a media player so that will be cool :o but I'm not sure what a NAS Server is and a PLEX server.. 🤔

    3. PaulF


      I also use (and love) my plex. Bu the sorting kills any of my nerves. I have Cartoons and Animes, TV Shows, Movies and TV captures in 3 Languages. Including different syncs or quallitys. Its a hard but ´funny thing. Hope we will see you back in March then. If not before, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! 


      P.S: Kodi just produces errors on my RC2, so I am just on plex (it also converts which kodi doesnt?!)

    4. marbleroll


      Ooh :o good point Paul.. merry christmas and happy new year Tooncore :D in case you aren't on before then