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  1. The VIP section is up and running. Maybe worth a try? Something simple to test it out? I miss seeing Tooncore's post, all of them from HB stuff to just plain conversation! I know things have been tough here for you in the past month or so with a-holes sharing your links and everything getting pulled and if you're done encoding/sharing I respect that. You put a ton of stuff up for everyone here and it's a shame someone had to -for some reason- target you and destroy all that hard work.

    All of you work was/is greatly appreciated and thanks for all the rare series you shared with us and opened our eyes to!


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    2. Tooncore


      I don't wanna use some else's account for fear of them losing it too.

      I'm going to create another free MEGA account right now and I can up something and post to our VIP section. Any requests?

    3. spaceman99


      Ever finish encoding Snorks seasons 3 and 4?

    4. spaceman99


      LMAO I used my MEGA bandwidth up on leatherpuppetz MASK share. Oh well, it'll reset. That just hit me after I asked about Snorks. Damn, I had all those toys as a kid! Wish I still did. MASK was a cool toy.

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