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  1. I'm like, how is Captain Planet and some other series links still active when MEGA deleted my accounts?

    ....On my index page, there is a pink exclamation mark ...this is the Hanna-Barbera DVDRip's backup. I created this the first time all links went down and had completely forgotten about it.


    Please don't share these links outside of Kametsu community. 


    Anyways, by the end of March 2019 my NAS servers will be complete, at which time I'll also introduce my Kodi build, along with my Plex servers.


    Best regards,


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    2. marbleroll


      >_< I missed Tooncore's birthday.. (Happy late birthday :D ) also I see that Kodi is a media player so that will be cool :o but I'm not sure what a NAS Server is and a PLEX server.. 🤔

    3. PaulF


      I also use (and love) my plex. Bu the sorting kills any of my nerves. I have Cartoons and Animes, TV Shows, Movies and TV captures in 3 Languages. Including different syncs or quallitys. Its a hard but ´funny thing. Hope we will see you back in March then. If not before, I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year! 


      P.S: Kodi just produces errors on my RC2, so I am just on plex (it also converts which kodi doesnt?!)

    4. marbleroll


      Ooh :o good point Paul.. merry christmas and happy new year Tooncore :D in case you aren't on before then

  2. R.I.P. Randy Rampage


    My brother passed away in his sleep last night. He was 58.

    Vancouver punk legend, most famous for for he music, he was an original member of D.O.A.

    I love you very much, You will be sadly missed.

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    2. aakash01manu


      My deepest condolences to you during this time.

    3. Pippa72


      How are you dear Tooncore?
      I would like to be near you but I can not.
      A hug

    4. PaulF
  3. When I was a kid I used to have to go to the circus to see the bearded lady,
    now a days I just have to go to the local confectionery!

  4. I closed the pleasure palace on July 4th, 2018 @ 3:07 AM!

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    2. Tooncore


      Not to worry I am a firm believer of karma.

      Just in case I officially put a pox on their homes. Not even their god can help them now!


    3. RocknRolla81


      So much time and effort and bunch of morons ruined it all! I curse them! :(

    4. Pippa72


      I am very sorry for the incident.
      If you need anything, I'm here.

  5. Things to do ....

    #1. Dig a hole.

    #2. Call it love.

    #3. Watch people fall in love.


    Anyways, The Simpsons S29 is uploaded on CC. For those have access maybe someone can bring it here for the masses?

    Also, Bob's Burgers and American Dad will be up in the next few day!




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    2. marbleroll


      ;) :D Awesome, thanks (are any of the versions of Night of the Living Doo in good quality? :) since it said there was 4 of them lol)

    3. VSHD


      Love ya @Tooncore :D I support the idea of that Base64Decode thing...being more safe is never too much. 

    4. avengeno


      Hey, Havent seen you in a while. I am still looking for Brak Show since unfortunately for me all of your amazon links are dead.

  6. Find the request section and quit hounding me on daily basis with multiple requests!

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    2. Pippa72


      Hello guys
      I wanted to let you know that tomorrow is available DVDs of "The Biskitts".


    3. Tooncore


      @Pippa72 March 12 should arrive.

    4. Pippa72


      But You are a living myth!

  7. Good news everyone!

    Almost made enough funds to continue and renew my Amazon Drive.

    Also started a new MEGA account under a different payment method so that should help protect me in the event links are shared again. 

    I've been collecting my weekly DL's the whole time too. Anyways should have some links ready this weekend. My first days off in months!




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    2. classicslifyes


      Wonderful news, thanks Tooncore.

    3. echoecho


      it is a great news indeed but according to  kametsu there would be no download links that means kametsu will be like an empty shell 😭 plz do something abt it all the links to raven and great uploaders are not there now  series are now not reachable caz they are either hidden or deleted im soooo upset with this new policy :(  

    4. Pippa72


      Thank Tooncore

      But in fact I also wonder how you will do!

  8. Merry Christmas Kametsu!


    [AMZN] 750 Christmas Cartoons

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    2. Fabio


      Hello tooncore. Você irá re-upar em breve?

    3. Tooncore




      Desculpe, fabio. Posso apenas fazer o upload de torrents agora no CC.


      Will do my best to return soon with links but I need to find something that will work for myself and for everyone else too.


    4. Fabio


      What is CC? Tem possibilidade de ter disponível  super friends? Tooncore muitas pessoas estão sentindo falta do seu grande trabalho. Thanks!

  9. I shall be down for the next few days in order to upgrade my system!

    Lots of new downloads with higher quality coming soon, so just be patient!

    See you all very soon!


    Best regards,


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    2. VSHD


      OMG! God bless you! Cannot wait! :o:D 

    3. Pippa72
    4. sam deepak

      sam deepak


      This is just great.
      Blessings to you @Tooncore

  10. MEGA sucks!


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    2. Tooncore


      @VSHD I would strongly advise against purchasing a yearly plan with MEGA and only do monthly. Otherwise it could be throwing money away! Don't take my work for it, ask other uploaders here.


      Best regards,


    3. Vansaelus


      Yeah, they really suck.

    4. VSHD


      @Tooncore Yea...I thought at that...it's more well to get a month of premium mega, and that month I can get all cartoons I need from where you and others uploaded them and then, after that month, going back to normal mega...I'll think about it. :)

  11. Happy Birthday!


    Hope you have the best day ever!

  12. Unable to connect to MEGA servers today for the last 4 hours! >:(

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    2. Pippa72


      Mega is breaking the balls lately .... sorry for the Frenchesism

    3. Bullfighter


      Mega sucks we need a new place to share my friends!

    4. leatherpuppetz


      Past 4 days my upload speed have stopped to a snail pace of 65k........  WTF

  13. 980.67 GB of 4 TB uploaded this week in efforts to restore dead links.

    I have not been announcing each new link as it's been restored, so the best way is to check what's new, is by looking at my upload index.


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    2. VSHD


      The world loves you, @Tooncore! God bless you! :D

    3. Grundy


      So glad you're back @Tooncore ! Thank you for your efforts and God bless !

    4. UneasiestSnail
  14. My agenda for the next couple days.

    Working on re-uploads and a few new surprises too!


    Up later today,

    Superfriends complete.

    Simpsons S01-S05+S28.



    Shaggy & Scooby get a clue.

    The Smurfs.

    The Jetsons.

    ...and more to come!

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    2. Pippa72


      Hello Tooncore.
      I wanted to ask if you could upload these:

      Unfortunately at that time I have not had time to download.
      Even in private. Time to download
      Thanks in advance

    3. Pacific85


      Please can empty your PM? Thanks. I want to have a talk.

    4. Pacific85


      OK. Never mind about the PM.

  15. At this time I have decided to stop uploading here at Kametsu.

    It's not up for debate because there have been multiple times where links have been spread vastly. And multiple chances for you to stop doing it.

    I can no long keep up with fixing links at this rate. 

    It's too bad that some feel the need to wreck it for everyone else.

    Be thankful that I don't expose you for the piece of shit you are, I'll leave that up the other members.


    Take care and best of luck in the future.

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    2. Collector


      TC, you're my HB savior... what will happen now!..

      Anyways...thnx for all the shares you have done...lotttss of the HB dvds were enjoyed because of your work...You can continue your work on places like dejatoons if you want...that way, its more controlled...


    3. Soldy


      Now it's a good news! Tooncore, you're great uploader!

    4. Bullfighter


      TC expose the SOB we need to get rid of this MF rat!, tell the mods bro!

  16. What.cd shuts down :(



    R.I.P. OiNK 2007 :(

    R.I.P. What.cd :(


    Can anyone confirm that Waffles.ch is also down? :(

    Sad day today!

    1. Smileyyakadoo


      bummer, never been there before, oh well, same with waffles.




    2. Fabio


      Please. When will we have the peter potamus show? Thank you

  17. Choose my next Hanna-Barbera upload!


    The Peter Potamus Show was released on November 1st, 2016 and I should receive that and will have it uploaded it here soon.


    However, out of the remaining HB shows on DVD that I have not yet shared, which would like to see next? ...Or the most?


    1. Saturday Morning Cartoons

    2. Frankenstein Jr. And The Impossibles

    3. Magilla Gorilla

    4. The Flintstones

    5. (Finish to complete) The Powerpuff Girls 10th Anniversary Collection - The Complete Series (12xDVD9) (NTSC) Tooncore


    There are quite a few other HB series of course, but I want to keep those as a surprise.


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    2. Tooncore


      Thanks for the input, your all awesome!

      I'll follow through in the order of everyone's response. :)


      The Powerpuff Girls 10th Anniversary Collection

      The Flintstones

      Magilla Gorilla

      Saturday Morning Cartoons

      Frankenstein Jr. And The Impossibles


      The Peter Potamus Show should be next weekend! :x

    3. echoecho


      Im ok with   tooncore's decision :beauty:

    4. Pippa72


      As you want and you prefer !!
      In the sequence you wrote you are fine !!!
      But before the Peter Popotamus Show, of course.
      Thanks Tooncore


  18. I'll be down for the next 24hrs for system maintenance.

    Back in time for The Simpsons :)

    1. testing123


      Best of luck my man!

    2. Pacific85


      Thanks for the Simpsons episodes. Can you please empty your message box? It seems to be full.

  19. I just wanted to let everyone know that my MEGA account has expired today and I cannot afford to pay a for a new subscription until August 18, 2016. (3 days from now)

    Thought it was the 28th my bad.


    Anyways, basically I had to spend time in the hospital last month, and to make a long story short, my funds are depleted big-time!

    MEGA for me is around $40 a month for each MEGA PRO III (4 TB storage, 8 TB bandwidth) and I have 2 of those accounts, specifically  for Kametsu.


    Well it was 3 accounts, however due to ISO links being shared elsewhere multiple times the account was deleted by MEGA.

    This is why I no longer post ISOs.


    I do however also have an Amazon Cloud Drive, unlimited and paid up until August 1, 2018.


    Sorry for any inconvenience or disruption with downloads. 



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    2. Arian


      Aren't you Canadian, Tooncore? Our health care is free. :D


      But really, I hope you're feeling better.

    3. Pippa72


      Get well soon.
      Greetings from Italy

    4. Tooncore


      MEGA account restored!

      Please feel free to let me know about links that are dead or just not working at all.


  20. A recent power serge, caused by my so called smart meter, had exploded and has had me down since Saturday.  Everything is fine and alright, thank goodness.

    Please give me a few days and I will have all recent ongoing uploads for you all.


    1. spaceman99


      Gotta have a surge protector! And in event of particularly bad weather pulling the plug isn't a bad idea either!


    2. Blitzepidemic


      5 days without electricity? I'd either go insane, catch up on my reading or decide to go camping.

    3. Tooncore


      No I did`t stay here until today and it was just the meter outside that had fried and everything inside was fine. Still had no electricity for 5 days is right, so I stayed at a girl friends for a few days!


  21. Next planned uploads for this month and next. In no particular order.


    Yogi's Great Escape
    Scooby-Doo: 13 Spooky Tales: Around the World (May 15 2012)
    Scooby-Doo! 13 Spooky Tales: Holiday Chills and Thrills (Oct. 16 2012)
    Scooby-Doo! 13 Spooky Tales: Run For Your Rife (Sept. 10 2013)
    Scooby-Doo! 13 Spooky Tales: Ruh-Roh Robot (Sept. 24 2013)
    Scooby-Doo! 13 Spooky Tales: Field of Screams (May 13 2014)
    Scooby Doo! 13 Spooky Tales: Halloween Edition (Re-release of; Around the World) (Sept. 23 2014)
    Scooby-Doo! 13 Spooky Tales: For The Love of Snack (Jan. 7 2014)
    Scooby-Doo! 13 Spooky Tales: Surfs Up Scooby-Doo! (May 5 2015)
    Scooby-Doo! Mask of the Blue Falcon
    Scooby-Doo! Favorite Frights
    Happy Spook-Day Scooby-Doo!
    Yogi and the invasion of the Space Bears
    Caspers Halloween Special
    Frankenstein Jr. And The Impossibles
    Magilla Gorilla
    Moby Dick And The Mighty Mightor
    Saturday Morning Cartoons Complete Volumes
    Space Ghost And Dino Boy
    Space Stars
    Speed Buggy
    The Flintstones
    The Snorks


    ...plus more!


    Also, I am in the process of backing up all of my files to my Amazon Storage Cloud. Nice to have an alternate source and just in case MEGA has issues.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Bullfighter


      Thank you so much sir, any chance you may upload the Flintstones with English and Spanish audio? both tracks pretty please.

    3. dreamon


      thank you so much :)

    4. swarlock


      Good to know.

  22. The Powerpuff Girls (2016)


    iTunes WEB-DL 720p/1080p: The Powerpuff Girls


    Purchase confirmed.

    Cartoons I wiil send you links for both 720p and 1080p as soon as they become available!

  23. I operate on love, guts, determination and the occasional candy bar!

    1. spaceman99


      Thanks for all the shares, Tooncore!

  24. I am back ...sorry for my absence to everyone.  Shall try and answer all messages soon, if not re-send.

    Also all of my MEGA links should be good since the account is now updated.


    In case anyone wondered or cared to know, my health was very bad and has somewhat improved.


    Happy to be back and should have new content uploaded soon.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. spaceman99


      What happened, TC? It's sad we all only know each other as "handles" and never really get to know each other as people.

      I guess very few of us want's to get personal on these sites, which is understandable, even in PMs.

      It really sucks because when someone disappears I'm sure many think "Well, he's had it with all this" and simply quit visiting.

      Anyway, hope you continue to improve. Get well!

    3. zeeshan


      welcome back ppl here spreading rumors about your retirement but your arrival clear it all I missed you friend even after all the arguements we had in past haha:D

    4. zeeshan


      its good to know your ok nw i hope you received all my concerns which i sent u in ur abscence

  25. Well I guess MEGA decided to stop supporting or failed to sign their app. As a result I can no longer access my paid MEGA account. I refuse to use their new app because it is not secure in any way shape or form.

    1. Tooncore


      You all have until the 27th of December 2015 to take whatever you like from my releases.

      If MEGA does not sign their app to provide a secure platform, I for one will not longer support them.

    2. Blitzepidemic


      Did the issue with MEGA get resolved?

    3. zeeshan


      Hey tooncore without you this forum is quite colourless comeback bro. atleast announced your retirement :(  

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