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  1. VPN > Chromium > IDM Works for me!
  2. @Tooncore If I am not wrong you are spanish (?) I needed some advice from you. What are some good cartoons to improve my spanish? I want to focus more on mexican spanish. Do you have any good spanish language cartoons?

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    2. Tooncore


      Oh sorry I'll try and find something for you. Anyways a good idea would be to find something that contains both Spanish and English audio and as well subtitles. That way you can watch and listen in Spanish whilst playing English subs or vice versa. Rosetta Stone is what used and it's a very powerful tool to learn fast. 


    3. Tooncore


      Here is a great example, both English and Spanish are present for Launguages and Subtitles. Also French is available.


      [MEGA] The.Flintstones.S01-S06.480p.DVDRip.DD1.0.x264-Tooncore

    4. olympustenay


      Thanks. Do you have any original spanish series? I mean series thats not a dub but it was made in spanish?

  3. Things to do ....

    #1. Dig a hole.

    #2. Call it love.

    #3. Watch people fall in love.


    Anyways, The Simpsons S29 is uploaded on CC. For those have access maybe someone can bring it here for the masses?

    Also, Bob's Burgers and American Dad will be up in the next few day!




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    2. marbleroll


      ;) :D Awesome, thanks (are any of the versions of Night of the Living Doo in good quality? :) since it said there was 4 of them lol)

    3. VSHD


      Love ya @Tooncore :D I support the idea of that Base64Decode thing...being more safe is never too much. 

    4. avengeno


      Hey, Havent seen you in a while. I am still looking for Brak Show since unfortunately for me all of your amazon links are dead.

  4. Tooncore

    [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    Thanks for the kind words and suggestions. I just don't have funds for a server like MEGA anymore, sorry. If Kametsu had it's own tracker for torrenting you could count me in, however I'm generally not interested in public trackers as that would be worse trouble for me than MEGA already is. When I do and can return, I'll probably just stick with the HB content. Ultimately I would like to keep this up for all to enjoy!
  5. Hello Tooncore! I discovered that your MEGA link for Scooby-Doo! Spooky Games (1080i) is dead. Is there anything you can do with it? Thanks in advance!


    Also... I found out that HD video of Scooby-Doo! Spooky Games actually exists on UK Itunes movie store. It is a shame that there is no way I can buy stuff in UK Itunes...

    1. EccentricOne


      I actually bought that like 6 months ago and forgot about it, i'll upload it to mega for you.

    2. sanitycindy


      Oh wow, that would be so wonderful! Thanks in advance!

    3. EccentricOne
  6. MakeMKV will interlace the DVD but the fact you run it through Handbrake will de-interlace the video so you should be fine. I find MakeMKV best for BluRay.
  7. Tooncore's simple free and easy guide to encoding a DVD on a PC. Programs used; freeware/ opensource. DVD Decrypter Handbrake Many friends here at Kametsu ask me, how do you do the voodoo that you do ? No magic or talent required, you too can do this and here's how! In order to do the best encode possible I use 3 seperate drives. Although, you can use just one drive if you want. (1st drive) C: System drive for DVD Decrypter and Handbrake. (2nd drive) E: Source drive, Where the DVD is located. (ISO or VIDEO_TS) (3rd drive) F: Project save drive. (This is where I save my encodes) DVD Decrypter; Step 1: Open DVD Decrypter and select "Mode", then choose "Files" or "ISO". I'm burning a DVD to my PC that I want to encode, so I choose "ISO" "Read". You can also choose "Files" which will create a VIDEO_TS (VOB) files and folder. I personally prefer to work with a ISO (Image) file. Step 2: Now add your DVD in your DVD Drive and wait for DVD Decrypter to initialize your DVD and for the files to parse. You will see a "Ready" in the bottom left corner when your ready to rip. Select your destination where you want the DVD to be burned to. Step 3: Decrypt/ Burn your DVD to your PC. Handbrake; Step 1: Source Selection. Select either "Folder" or "File". Choose "Folder" for VIDEO_TS (VOB files). Or choose "File" for an ISO (Image file). Step 2: Preset. On the left side panel you will see "Presets". Scroll all the way to the bottom and under the "Legacy" section, select "High Profile". Step 3: Cropping. Under the "Cropping" section, select custom. Then adjust to "0" on the top, bottom, left and right. Now while still in the "Picture" tab, you can see "Size" and "Source". Use the up arrows to adjust your "Width" and "Height" to match your "Source". Step 4: Output Setting/ Container. Under "Output Setting" "Container" select either MP4 or MKV. Step 5: Audio. Click the "Audio" tab and under "Audio Tracks" is "Add Tracks". Click the down arrow and select "Add all Remaining Tracks" Step 6: Subtitles. Click the "Subtitles" tab and under "Subtitles Tracks" is "Add Subtitles". Click the down arrow and select "Add All Remaining Subtitles" Step 7: Title. Select your "Title" that you want to encode here. This particular example is a TV series and has 5 episodes on this DVD. So I have chosen "Title 1". Step 8: Destination. Browse to determine where you would like the encode to be saved. Step 9. Start Encode. Click the "Start Encode" button and sit back and wait, or go do something because it may take awhile depending on your PC's speed. Step 10. Title. Under "Title" select the next "Title 2" and repeat steps 3-6 for TV series. Movies may have multiple "Title" tracks too, especially if there are extras on the DVD. I hope this helps and makes things easier for you. If something was forgotten, something is wrong, or if you just want to make a suggestion please feel free to do so.
  8. Just wanted to say thank you Tooncore for all your uplouds over the years, silent majority here appreciated greatly your work, take care


  9. Hi. How are you?
    I wanted to ask you if to make the DVDRip (Be.Cool.Scooby-Doo! .S01.Part.2.DVDRip.x264-Tooncore) you bought the DVDs or obtained them from some download site.
    If so, do you know if the DVDs from which you downloaded them are still available?


    Thank you. :D

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    2. guitarron


      I was guided by what I said about "connected 20 hours ago", I did not know anything.
      No, the links are still active, it's just curiosity because I like to collect DVDs

    3. spaceman99


      I know TC buys his sets, so more than likely it's from his personal collection.

    4. megajew


      If they end in "Tooncore", they're his DVDs.

  10. Despite our little bicker a little while ago, I'm very grateful for what you've done for the cartoon community. My Hanna Barbera collection wouldn't look nearly as good if it weren't for you and your uploads. Thank you for bringing the classics onto the site, and hopefully one day more people can learn to appreciate what you do rather than constantly ask for re-ups. I appreciate your effort very much. 

  11. Hey @Tooncore I could not find a Message Button for you (for obviously good reasons!) but I don't want anything from you. I just wanted to say thank you and everything you have ever done is appreciated. You are most likely doing the right thing for you and that is all that matters.


    To hell with the uploads, it is just fun to have people that appreciate cartoons of the far past like I do! So just enjoy your collection and be happy! You have done WAY more than anyone can ever hope for! So be happy and don't let any of this other stuff get you down! If you ever want to just talk cartoons, send me a PM and I will shoot you my email! Other than that, take good care and thank you for just being you! :)



    1. olympustenay


      Thats a very nice post. Mirrors my sentiments exactly! Tooncore has two jobs with zero free days. I can understand when he feels upset if people dont appreciate what he does for them.

  12. What happened (so suddenly) that you decided to retire? :o (Did someone share the links again? -_-) or..? You seemed so happy the other day when you were uploading the rest of the HB shows.. it just seems so sudden.. (I understand if you don't wanna talk about it.. just wondering :/ )


    Thanks.. ;( 

    1. olympustenay


      He is probably very busy. He works two jobs.

    2. marbleroll


      2 jobs? :o wow (maybe he felt rushed with all the requests :/ ) 

  13. hello, dear tooncore, there is the possibility that for the third time you re-up american dad, from the s1 to 4 are the ones that I could not find in other places. regards

    1. Tooncore


      Yes, I can eventually. At the moment I'm working on uploading all Hanna-Barbera and The Simpsons.

    2. tankardchile


      Thank you very much for responding, I will wait patiently for a future re-up. Saludos!

  14. Why do you like Top Cat so much ? :) I see it as your DP as well as your profile header. I have memories of Top cat as one of the first cartoons I saw. It was a nice show!

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    2. PrincessAlicia


      Scooby-Doo is also my favourite :D

    3. Fred Flintstone

      Fred Flintstone

      I always wondered this myself, thanks for sharing Tooncore. My first was probably Tom & Jerry or Looney Tunes.

    4. marbleroll


      :D Yep HB had a bunch of good shows ;) (listing all the ones I like would take a whole paragraph :P )

  15. Hello Tooncore
    First of all thanks for the biskitts
    I was seeing Jumanji's episodes and this episode is corrupt
    Can you turn it around?
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Tooncore


      Hello Pippa72,

      In the process of removing things from that drive so some things may not work from there.


      Try this MEGA link Jumanji.TAS.S03E02.Young.Alan.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.H.264-Tooncore

    2. Pippa72


      Thanks thanks thanks!
      You can cancel.
      If you need something, I'm always available!
      You know ....