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  1. Hi, I can't have access to the mysplenn link. Can you post your magnet link of the smurfs series to download them? Thank you so much

    1. emjay911


      MySpleen is a private tracker. This means that, to be able to download from a private tracker you need to be a registered member with the tracker. You cannot just provide magnet links or any other links or torrent files for non-registered users to download. It is not allowed in private trackers because each link and file is specified for each member in other words you will be downloading in some other users name, this is not how private trackers work. 


    2. Appamomo


      1080p is good quality to watch even the file's size is large.

  2. hey tooncore thanks for your answer but unfortunatly i dont have myspleen account . if u can invite me would be great . i got long experience in private trackers and im a power seeder in most of them .

    thanks you Sir in advance .

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for all of your efforts.



  4. 'Sup, Tooncore? You've provided with so many awesome videos. BTW, when will we get to download more new episodes of Family Guy?

    1. Tooncore


      I only have a free MEGA account at this time and Hanna-Barbera will be my main focus as I originally planned.

      I'll be skipping Family Guy and a few other shows until I can get myself another paid account. As well as HB, I'll be adding Ruby-Spears and Filmation content. 

    2. DigiPokeMon


      Hasnt Arian give you acess to his new server yet @Tooncore ?


    3. Arian


      I've made every attempt to make it available to him, but he just doesn't want to accept. I sent him a text today saying that he can still use my server, but he hasn't responded.


      Anything that happens to his accounts is his problem, but unfortunately it will be all of your problems as well because you'll be without his content.

      So I don't know... :(

  5. I shall return with Monchhichis next weekend!
  6. PLEASE fix the links 

    I want to get all the 1080p's! PLEASE!!! :love:

    1. leatherpuppetz


      He doesn't post on here no more, so don't expect a fix.

    2. vic47


      Then what? :/ There's no way I could get those cartoons? omg... How I can contact him or etc... ???

    3. leatherpuppetz



      Then what? :/




      There's no way I could get those cartoons?


      1: You can try the search function and see if another member has posted those.

      2: There are people who have them, but unfortunately when the link goes down they don't help out and repost them to help the original uploader.

      3: You can try and find another place that might have them, and if you do your more then welcomed to download and upload them yourself and share them with members here.  It would help others out not to be in the situation you are in now with dead links.



      How I can contact him or etc... ???


      Normal contact is done by PM. But he's not receiving messages, so you can't.  Unfortunately a combination of file hosts deleting his files, and other members reporting his Awesome work to have it taken down lead him to stop uploaded here.  Cant blame Tooncore, why spend all that time and effort, days weeks months to encode/upload these great cartoons just to have it taken down in less then 24hrs.



      Cant wait to see what Great cartoons you have to share with all of us here.   :)

  7. Could you re-up Shimmer and Shine? I can't find it anywhere.


  8. I recently discovered website called Toon.is. On that site I found streams of old cartoons which I've seen on this site as your uploads.

    Since you don't have any means to re-upload your encodes (which were, by the way, best I ever seen), I'm thinking of ripping those streams and uploading them on my MEGA account. Those files will be in rar archive and password protected. I'll also put toon.is in the filename, because I rip those streams from their website.


    I would like to hear your, and opinion of others about this. If I get green light from this community, I can start with uploading right away.

  9. Hi, any chance you could re-upload your scooby-doo links, particularly the boos brothers and be cool scooby doo?

    1. Tooncore


      At the moment matt17 I have no means to upload any files. No MEGA and no Amazon.

    2. matt17


      Ok well if your looking for a few free uploading sites I have some, 1filcher, usercloud, ezfile, uplea, and solidfiles. Maybe you could give one of those sites a try. Also this is just an idea but I have found out that uploading files as rar files helps protect them from jerks trying to report them as illegal uploads.

  10. Dear Tooncore,


    I want to download Flintstone Comedy Show, but the links are not working anymore. Please fix them and please let me know about it.


    1. Tooncore


      Sorry amir I have no Amazon or MEGA accounts to create new links.

    2. amir


      Thank you so much for your kind reply.

  11. Hey Tooncore good day, my name is Jason and I am interested in your Ruff N Reddy HQ Rips I tried to access them on your page but the links no longer work so I was wondering if you could reupload them by the way I have a ton of series as well as the rare Pink Panther and Sons series in excellent condition so if you are interested in those you can let me know.

  12. Dear Tooncore,


    I wanted to ask you about 2 group invites that may interest you but can't seem to message you. Can you please message me about these? Thanks!

  13. tooncore here link valley of the dinosaurs 1974  https://mega.nz/#F!YoNy0KqR!X6NQKRH16uTB_Tg7sUKQmg

    help super friends collection 1973-1985. thank you

  14. Ello!  Here to tell ya that I just noticed that all the links on your
    O.K K.O Mini-series thread is dead! D=

    I don't know if you're re-uploading or if it's been taken down but...
    Just wanted to let you know as others have said.

    Oh and followed!

  15. Tooncore, please. I remember Droopy dog and MGM studio great clássico. Spider-man 5000 and spider-man and his amazing friends, defendera of the earth, Johnny quest completa series, pink phanter show (the inspetor etc). Hight quality.Clássica Hanna Barbera ( quick draw macgraw, mumbly, touché turtle), super héroes DC 1967 filmation. Captain Marvel series TV, Scooby doo and yabba doo and otherrs. Help us. Congratulations to great work. Fabio.