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  1. Can I get access to Regular Show seasons.  I loved the Adventure Time series and am looking for a new series to watch. jimmy

  2. Dear Tooncore. Do you have any plans to reupload your Hanna Barbera cartoons again? A few people upload them but they are not goood quality. I heard yours were the best rips but they are not avaiable anymore :(

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    2. nyuszika7h


      I signed up to CC when they had open signup recently, I'll try to grab them and reupload to Google Drive / 1fichier.

    3. olympustenay
    4. marbleroll


      @nyuszika7h Cool :) Some of the tvrips (if they're there) haven't been reuploaded anywhere yet 

  3. dear tooncore when will you be coming back and upload your cartoon stuff I just ask you after seeing you gone long may be im not making sense in my words but kept quiet and quiet so I lost my patience and ask wrote on your wall :| plz reply will you ever be back !? 

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    2. DRX


      @echoecho Myspleen unfortunately isn't a public tracker. 

    3. marbleroll


      Tooncore said he was uploading on CC as well (which I guess is Cartoon Chaos.. but also not public :P

    4. echoecho


      dear @DRX and @marbleroll I know myspleen is a private tracker and I did use the word "or" so that means any public torrent it could be  piratebay rarbg katco etc which on searching on torrentz2 can be found :) anyway lets see what will he do my hopes are high 9_9

  4. [INDEX] Uploads by Tooncore

    No way to post anything at this time. The only thread working for now is the Christmas Cartoons.
  5. Merry Christmas Kametsu!


    [AMZN] 750 Christmas Cartoons

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    2. fabio


      Hello tooncore. Você irá re-upar em breve?

    3. Tooncore




      Desculpe, fabio. Posso apenas fazer o upload de torrents agora no CC.


      Will do my best to return soon with links but I need to find something that will work for myself and for everyone else too.


    4. fabio


      What is CC? Tem possibilidade de ter disponível  super friends? Tooncore muitas pessoas estão sentindo falta do seu grande trabalho. Thanks!

  6. Dear Tooncore, please upload Thundercats (1985). COMPLETE 

    1. ramensama92


      Seems like you're not up to date.
      Dude lost lots of his collection and is having difficulty in uploading what he still have.
      And right before you made this message, @Duckgoose say he have tons of Tooncore's stuff.
      Try asking Duckgoose if he got what you want.

    2. Tooncore


      I haven't lost any of my collection. I do NOT respond to requests that are not in the proper section https://kametsu.com/forum/32-requests/ ... This is why my messenger is turned off permanently.

      I have NO links to share because, 3 times now, I've uploaded several TB only to have the links shared elsewhere. This leads to trouble for me. And this lack of respect means no more uploads from me.

    3. EccentricOne


      Got to love when one or two jerks ruin it for everyone, why not do what Cartoons did? Only a little more restrictive


      What he was doing was the right approach, adding people manually to something he had a bit of control over (google drive)


      What he did wrong was he let everyone in, even brand new people who just joined the Forum - he was cautious but not cautious enough, He had good intentions and I commend him for that.


      So maybe what you do is add the people you trust and give them the stuff, and maybe let them distribute it to people?

  7. hi tooncore happy christmas and a new year to you in advance man out of curiosity dear when will you'll be coming back o.O 

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    2. Badguys


      As TC  has been on a roll doing mostly old stuff as of late, that just means that either he's busy IRL or he might've gotten a C&D order, which I highly doubt as he doesn't upload anything new or take copyrighted material that has public interest (by the way, those two mentioned circumstances increase the chance of a C&D order) from torrents.

    3. echoecho


      whats  IRL and  C&D order means @Badguys ?o.O

    4. Badguys



      I don't think you go off the site enough.

      C&D refers to "Cease & Desist".

      IRL="In Real Life".

      You need to do as little to get definitions as read Urban Dictionary.

  8. You seem to have turned off your messenger (don't blame you) so this is in public:


    If your current limitation on uploading is due to you not having anywhere secure to store your files online, please contact me. I may be able to help you out.


    PM me here, on IRC or email me at ctranime AT gmail.

    1. olympustenay


      If possible please take his Christmas collection.

    2. marbleroll


      :) That would be cool if Catar could get some of some of Tooncore's releases to upload 

  9. Hi @Tooncore,


    I'm sorry for this out of the blue question, but I was just curious about where you got your cartoons from for the kids cartoons thread? 


    Kind Regards 


  10. Hey, buddy. :(


    Why can't I send you any private messages?

    1. spaceman99


      I think he's disabled it due to people pestering him about re-ups.

    2. LooneyTunerIan


      Does that include requests, too? 

    3. spaceman99
  11. almost everything you have uploaded is deleted



    1. Pizza Cat

      Pizza Cat

      From what I recall in one of the threads he has the links set to expire and has been away on real life affairs. He may or may not decide to refresh and post the links. 

    2. monator
  12. hello my friend,

    please, can you share me these?


    TV archive of The Smurfs (432 Files/ 41.6 GB)

    1981 - The Smurfs S01-S09 + Specials (Original TVRips)

  13. Hey :) Is there any update on when any of the hanna-barbera shows on the index will be back? I saw on a post further down that you had commented for an undisclosed time (but wanted to double check and see ;) ) And also on the Kids cartoons index also? I've seen a bunch of good shows on both but most of them seem to be down... also i assume the dvdrips have subtitles or captions if the disc had it.. do the web-dl ones have any subtitles? I know Itunes has some subtitles on theirs, alot of other releases don't have them.. (some do, some don't lol) Anyway.. :D Thanks!

  14. Do you plan to upload any Christmas specials ? Unfortunately I missed it when you made that awesome collection last year. Lonely souls like me would appreciate it :)