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  1. I do wonder where are you now...

    1. Kid Boruto

      Kid Boruto

      @sniper23 Tooncore has moved onto Discord and another forum.


      Please PM me if you wish to know more.

  2. Hey buddy, hope your ok, we miss you here.

  3. Can you reupload 1973 - Jeannie (1-16) please please


    1. Andi


      @Tooncore will never upload anything ever again due to his links being constantly and stupidly and foolishly shared outside this forum despite telling people NOT to do this to be more specific this what happpened
      The links for the shows where posted elsewhere, without the uploaders permission or awareness, mainly on sites like 4-chan and reddit. Shortly afterwards, Mega received takedown complaints for those same links Mega then deleted the links and eventually cancelled the accounts altogether. Some of our best uploaders, many of whom ripped and encoded the shows themselves, got tired of their hard work going to waste. For some, there was a growing concern over potential legal trouble from all the DMCAs--I think their ISPs where notified. So, these uploaders finally quit It also seems that one uploader in particular was being targeted by someone with a vendetta against them, as their links got taken down in less than 24 hours after being posted here
      at any rate tooncore no longer has any content at all he deleted and erased all of his content 

      tooncore kept re-uploading content but sadly people continued to stupidly and foolishly his links outside kametsu unfortunately very sad:(

      tooncore did the best he coulld for everybody besides he has his own life to live he deserves to be left alone in peace and quiet

      with all due respect jeancarlos16 I strongly suggest you please leave tooncore alone in peace and quiet

      besides as I said he has absolutely no content left to offer to anybody at all hence he couldn't possibly upload anything at all even if he wanted to and besides after what happened I have no doubt in my mind that he definitely has no desire to upload  anything ever again

      those who stupidly and foolishly kept sharing his links have no nobody but to blame but them themselves fo this

    2. marbleroll


      He did say something about Plex in March 2019.. and a server of some sort so perhaps it will be part of that? :) 


      Edit: Anyways, by the end of March 2019 my NAS servers will be complete, at which time I'll also introduce my Kodi build, along with my Plex servers.  < his post ;) 

    3. ChrisJericho


      I'm willing to share some of the tooncore stuff I still have

  4. R.I.P. Randy Rampage


    My brother passed away in his sleep last night. He was 58.

    Vancouver punk legend, most famous for for he music, he was an original member of D.O.A.

    I love you very much, You will be sadly missed.

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    2. aakash01manu


      My deepest condolences to you during this time.

    3. Pippa72


      How are you dear Tooncore?
      I would like to be near you but I can not.
      A hug

    4. PaulF
  5. When I was a kid I used to have to go to the circus to see the bearded lady,
    now a days I just have to go to the local confectionery!

  6. Hi, im sorry what happend to your work, i really appreciate your hard work , you are the Savior of these gems, i wanted to save them too, is there any chance i can get those HB classics? are you planning to upload  ? anytime soon? i really want to save these gems and reupload and share links, :(

  7. I closed the pleasure palace on July 4th, 2018 @ 3:07 AM!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Tooncore


      Not to worry I am a firm believer of karma.

      Just in case I officially put a pox on their homes. Not even their god can help them now!


    3. RocknRolla81


      So much time and effort and bunch of morons ruined it all! I curse them! :(

    4. Pippa72


      I am very sorry for the incident.
      If you need anything, I'm here.

  8. Since you retired from uploading, I took liberty to upload some of your great encodes which I managed to archive, on my MEGA account.

    I hope I have your permission and approval.

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    2. crkavam


      Patience please. I'm still uploading, I just need to get more free space on my drives.

      Links will be shared in the usual way, when they are uploaded.

    3. kawishali


      thanks alot man, i can wait for hannah barbera classics in good quality, and pls put some sort of security on links so they stay up for long, thanks

    4. kawishali


      really appreciate your concern and efforts, thumbsup :D



  9. Since you're uploading stuff again, could you possibly re-upload Gummi Bears sometime?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. kawishali


      pls dont go, i wanted to save those gems :(:( :(

    3. Tooncore


      Someone else will have to upload them for you. I have permanently deleted all of my accounts. 

    4. kawishali
  10. Any chance of a re-up of Lucas Bros. S01-S02:


    lucas Bros.Moving.Co.S01.720p.WEB-DL.DD5.1.H.264-Tooncore



    All of the links are dead. Many thanks if possible.



  11. @Tooncore If I am not wrong you are spanish (?) I needed some advice from you. What are some good cartoons to improve my spanish? I want to focus more on mexican spanish. Do you have any good spanish language cartoons?

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    2. Tooncore


      Oh sorry I'll try and find something for you. Anyways a good idea would be to find something that contains both Spanish and English audio and as well subtitles. That way you can watch and listen in Spanish whilst playing English subs or vice versa. Rosetta Stone is what used and it's a very powerful tool to learn fast. 


    3. Tooncore


      Here is a great example, both English and Spanish are present for Launguages and Subtitles. Also French is available.


      [MEGA] The.Flintstones.S01-S06.480p.DVDRip.DD1.0.x264-Tooncore

    4. olympustenay


      Thanks. Do you have any original spanish series? I mean series thats not a dub but it was made in spanish?

  12. Things to do ....

    #1. Dig a hole.

    #2. Call it love.

    #3. Watch people fall in love.


    Anyways, The Simpsons S29 is uploaded on CC. For those have access maybe someone can bring it here for the masses?

    Also, Bob's Burgers and American Dad will be up in the next few day!




    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. marbleroll


      ;) :D Awesome, thanks (are any of the versions of Night of the Living Doo in good quality? :) since it said there was 4 of them lol)

    3. VSHD


      Love ya @Tooncore :D I support the idea of that Base64Decode thing...being more safe is never too much. 

    4. avengeno


      Hey, Havent seen you in a while. I am still looking for Brak Show since unfortunately for me all of your amazon links are dead.

  13. Just wanted to say thank you Tooncore for all your uplouds over the years, silent majority here appreciated greatly your work, take care


  14. Hi. How are you?
    I wanted to ask you if to make the DVDRip (Be.Cool.Scooby-Doo! .S01.Part.2.DVDRip.x264-Tooncore) you bought the DVDs or obtained them from some download site.
    If so, do you know if the DVDs from which you downloaded them are still available?


    Thank you. :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. guitarron


      I was guided by what I said about "connected 20 hours ago", I did not know anything.
      No, the links are still active, it's just curiosity because I like to collect DVDs

    3. spaceman99


      I know TC buys his sets, so more than likely it's from his personal collection.

    4. megajew


      If they end in "Tooncore", they're his DVDs.

  15. Despite our little bicker a little while ago, I'm very grateful for what you've done for the cartoon community. My Hanna Barbera collection wouldn't look nearly as good if it weren't for you and your uploads. Thank you for bringing the classics onto the site, and hopefully one day more people can learn to appreciate what you do rather than constantly ask for re-ups. I appreciate your effort very much. 

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