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  1. Can tooncore get a lot Looney Tunes Cartoons without watermarks? 

    1. Tooncore


      Something in particular your looking for?

      Have you tried doing a search to see what is available?

      And it's always a good idea to make a request so that all uploaders and members of Kametsu can perhaps help out.


    2. LooneyTunerIan


      I've made a post about it: 

      But nobody seems to care much.


  2. Hi Tooncore.
    I was looking for this feature film
    Mighty Mouse - The Great Space Chase DVDrip / ISO
    By chance do you own it?
    Thank you
    1. Tooncore


      I don't have this title sorry.

    2. Pippa72


      Ok thanks

  3. Thanks @DJStarfish for responding! I thought for sure you would know of a way to accomplish this task. I have tried and tested both Windows 8 and 10 app for Netflix and can confirm neither of the 2 work to provide a 5.1 audio output, only 2.1. As to the surround sound, streaming services don't seem to offer that via web browsers at all. I have both PlayOn and Audials Moviebox and can't even seem to find a work around with that, even for a fake mix-up or mix-down. I've quit using PlayOn, as it simply does not produce the quality of recordings, either video or audio, that I expect. I can stream 4K to my computer, almost with everything except Netflix. Can I somehow rip DD+ 5.1 signal directly from a Roku 4 premiere? I don't have a PS4 which is how some may be ripping the 5.1 audio. It just seems silly for me to have a Netflix 4K Ultra account when all that Netflix will provide is a 2.1 audio signal out. So freakin' 90's of them! Guess I'll most likely cancel my Netflix account if I can't figure it out, because personally I would rather have a 5.1 audio channel over a 1080p resolution.
  4. Netflix 5.1 Surround Sound for Windows 8.1 Does anyone know how to play Netflix on Windows 8.1 PC and actually get 5.1 Surround Sound ? I cannot in the Windows app, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome and get 5.1 Surround Sound. Other 5.1 files whether on my hard drive or online elsewhere play 5.1 no problem. Does anyone know of a solution or a work around. I have looked everywhere and tried lots of things. My video is flawless but with only a 2.1 audio coming through from Netflix. Need to be able to play 5.1 from Netflix on my Windows 8.1 so I desperately need your help! If any other info might be needed just let me now, I do appreciate it. My only solution after hours of trying to come up with a solution is probably have to upgrade to Windows 10 in order to utilize Microsoft Edge which from what I read will play 5.1 audio for Netflix. Please and thanks for taking a second to look at my issue. Tooncore
  5. I shall be down for the next few days in order to upgrade my system!

    Lots of new downloads with higher quality coming soon, so just be patient!

    See you all very soon!


    Best regards,


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    2. VSHD


      OMG! God bless you! Cannot wait! :o:D 

    3. Pippa72


      Ok. Thanks!

    4. sam deepak

      sam deepak


      This is just great.
      Blessings to you @Tooncore

  6. You might find some success with this lossless freeware? Avidemux
  7. Best answer ever! Worked perfect, and I can't thank you enough for helping this old fart out! ...really, they didn't have computers when I was in school! Everything I learn is from all of you
  8. This is a treasure trove of awesome movies and in my opinion one of your best posts!!!  Unfortunately, they are all down... what is the likely hood of you reupping the movies?  I would like to vouch for Google Drive, Amazon Drive, Mediafire, or Mega.  Please reup these!!!!!



    1. Tooncore


      This MEGA account was deleted by MEGA and sadly the external HD which contained my backup is also toast!

      I believe @Raven has shared all or most of these movies too. Perhaps those links are still good to DL.


      All apologizes to you and everyone else looking to get this.

    2. dominic20072007


      Right!  I just found them !  Thank you for your reply :)

  9. Hey! I just want to say thank you for the numerous DVDRips you uploaded.


    Second, speaking of those DVDRips, could you please do the entire Porky Pig 101 DVD if you can?


    Thank you.

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    2. EccentricOne
    3. videofindersTV
    4. Nodog


      I have remuxes of the DVD. They should be up by probably tomorrow.

  10. Hello!! First let me I thank you, I love your cartoon collection and could get great quality videos I was looking for. I want to ask one thing though, is it possible for you to bring up the four live action movies of Scooby-Doo, and those Flintstones live action movies too? Or is it against the forum rules to handle non-cartoons? I'd like to know what you think! 

    1. Tooncore


      Hello snitycindy, your welcome and thank you!


      Well yes there is a live action section and no I don't have anything prepared at this time to upload.

      Perhaps in the near future, or when I can get caught up on all of my current requests and promises for uploads.


      Thanks for inquiring :)

    2. sanitycindy


      Thank you for the kind answer! I will look forward to your uploads but take your time, I know you would get a lot of requests! Keep up the great work!! :D Your collection is awesome already and I can't wait for it to get awesomer.

  11. Help, IDM (Internet Download Manager) no longer works for me! Can no longer download content from CHRGD, Family & Family jr. Can anyone else confirm this? And does anyone know how to fix this or recommend another program? Please and thanks in advance for any help. I just don't wanna miss out on getting our weekly DLs. PS. I know IDM updates every 2 weeks just like Firefox team does, but I even tried in a previous version of Mozilla Firefox and I also tried Google Chrome & Internet Explorer. Best regards, Tooncore
  12. Falo muitos idiomas ...Yes English is best for Kametsu Sim, vou fazer o Saturday Morning Cartoons DVDRips em breve, fê-los feito e meu disco caiu, então refaz! Você tem Popeye & amigos DVD? Não está à venda na minha região. Existe um link no [índice] no OP para Popeye e amigos, mas eu adoraria ter uma cópia de DVD se a inclusão de inglês fosse incluída? Yes, I will do Saturday Morning Cartoons DVDRips soon, had them done and my drive crashed, so redo! Do you have Popeye & friends DVD? It's not for sale in my region. There is a link in the [index] on the OP for Popeye & friends but I would love to have a DVD copy if English language is included? You can PM me in any Language you choose. Please use English within the threads as it's everyone's preference and that way they also interact and perhaps comment or help out in some cases!
  13. MEGA sucks!


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    2. Tooncore


      @VSHD I would strongly advise against purchasing a yearly plan with MEGA and only do monthly. Otherwise it could be throwing money away! Don't take my work for it, ask other uploaders here.


      Best regards,


    3. Vansaelus


      Yeah, they really suck.

    4. VSHD


      @Tooncore Yea...I thought at that...it's more well to get a month of premium mega, and that month I can get all cartoons I need from where you and others uploaded them and then, after that month, going back to normal mega...I'll think about it. :)

  14. Happy Birthday!


    Hope you have the best day ever!