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  1. Here is Nagisa Shiota, a student from Assassination Classroom. Hmmm... theme... idk idk thats the hardest part. Logan? idk what to say.
  2. Thanks for the clarification, I been waiting for the dub eps so I'm kind of way behind on them and dint know exactly how they were. And it does get super confusing with the names, simple colors seem easy enough.
  3. I watched DBS to like ep 5, so I dont even know if he Goku has a red color transformation... I know he has all kinds blue, pink... but for this competition I made a vintage style red haired goku. Theme... Student (there should be plenty of anime/whatever to choose from as most of them have a school related theme)
  4. Well, that a hard question. I would say RED... anything and everything can be used.
  5. I had to research what Bokeh was lol
  6. Yeah I was going thru my old files and saw a few old SIG's and banners I did for C-W and anime-cartoon and came to see how everything was nowadays and then I see you competing I was surprised. I tried to look for xx.hena.xx forum but I think it got deleted. It was an extension of this one I think.
  7. Holy crap urbatman, you are still going strong I see. I don't know if you remember but we used to go head to head on cartoon world like 7 ish years ago. I was a mod in C-W for a few.
  8. 955,115? Damn I'm confused in the counting.... BTW, I was just going with you all's shenanigans because I thought my count post increased, now I'm ditching you all for good..... JK I would die of boredom
  9. This is going to be tough! I really like all of them Thanks, It's been about 2 ½ years since I last entered "SOTW". Its been 4 for me
  10. Define global? It's posted about in the status updates and the thread is accessible to any user. Also the banners from past competitions are displayed at the top of every page. See, on the other forums the contest is pinned to every part of the forum so people who are entering the downloads section see this competition at the very top (pinned) and they can participate and some get interested enough to enter themselves. I know the thread is available to everyone but sometime I find it hard to get to it (because I'm lazy and I'm used to the easy stuff ) I know the status updates are a way but by the 2nd day that status is gone from the viewing section. Yeah you should totally join I know you will kick my butt but I'm up for it
  11. You should! I entered the sig competition but I don't know about this one yet because I get so lazy But I still have somewhat a few days to decide I think. This thread needs to be global don't you think? Like in the other forums.
  12. I know, its been a while since I was at any forum including yours but I returned to C-W and found out it was closing, so sad... And its very nice to see you here als o, and I've been ok, well as good as it gets anyways, no complaints. What about you? everything good in your side of the world? And yeah this forum is pretty good I think, better than C-W, in the technical matter anyways.
  13. OMG its you! nice to see you're still around I recognized that sig, but not your name... then I started reading and it was you hehe, welcome to Kametsu... again Its been a several years, you probably forgot all about me
  14. I couldn't agree more with you. That's why I'm saying that it is hard to be a one person job. I personally think the job is pretty complicated because you have to go by certain dates, start & finish competitions. I know that people have things to do (including the mods) that's why I was suggesting 2 mods and Dreamer has now been selected for the job
  15. I clearly remember that YIFY had a tutorial in his website of how to encode with such quality in a small size. I know they are undergoing some changes in their website and I haven't checked lately but it was there I promise.