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  1. Tornado3000

    Manga You're Currently Reading?

    I'm reading Chi's Sweet Home. Watching the Adventure season while I'm reading.
  2. Tornado3000

    Yu gi Oh; Duel Monsters

    I used to watch this show on Saturday morning as a kid. But only when my brother got the TV remote.
  3. Tornado3000

    Is there a game you re-play every year?

    I play Corpse Party every Halloween.
  4. Tornado3000

    Recent Anime Purchases?

    I just got the first Inuyasha movie. Also a Dragon Ball Super set, but that's for my friend's birthday.
  5. Tornado3000

    Black Clover

    I hope it's won't be too long. That's what killed Naruto for me.
  6. Tornado3000

    Manga Vs Anime

    Depends on the series. Most fighting series anime tend to be better than the manga because the anime can go all out while the manga just has the panels.
  7. I love this movie! Glad to see I can buy it on Blu Ray.
  8. Tornado3000

    Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

    I don't really know how to feel about it. On one hand, I think it's an interesting concept. On the other, I don't want the series to become stale like the Dragon Ball Series.
  9. Tornado3000

    One Piece

    I like it, but I feel like it's getting a little too long. It would be nice to not have to binge so many episodes when I want to rewatch it.
  10. Tornado3000

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    I'm watching Star Wars Rebels for the first time.
  11. Tornado3000

    Which is your favorite Scooby-Doo movie?

    My favorite is Monsters Unleashed. I also liked Scooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost.
  12. I didn't realize Cartoon Network still cared about their older shows. Think they'll add their old '90s classics?
  13. Tornado3000

    Which you prefer of Pokemon movies, anime, games, manga?

    Definitely the games, but I still have a soft spot for the anime. I never really got into the manga.
  14. Tornado3000

    Cartoons You're Currently Watching?

    Code Lyoko and the 2003 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My friends and I are watching the 2012 series of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on our weekly nerd night.
  15. Tornado3000

    What first got you sucked into anime and mangas?

    Pokemon and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I saw NGE at a film festival once and fell in love with it.