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  1. Thanks to this I watched the entire Bleach series without fillers- in one go! Awesome! Now for other shows... .... so many..... WTH I'll watch everything!!! You know whats weird... the filler in the manga... you know manga filler... sometimes you can tell when a manga is in filler mode... after a whole months wait for a chapter too...
  2. Spoiler Not that this show is confusing enough as it is. "Don't be a "Shinji Ikari" I think I now understand the end of evangelion... mystery of Shinji choking Asuka (The angels and stuff are all explained on youtube) - (Evangelion Explanation in 7 MINUTES!!!) Shinji choked Asuka because she said she wouldn't feel sorry for Shinji- Shinji became completely reliant on people to feel sorry for him, being a child fighting angels, and to always be the victim (so people will take pity on him.) Asuka refused to pity him. Shinji didn't have a real family - and He thought he could kill anyone who didn't take pity on him! Asuka didn't have a family ether but Shinji doesn't care. "Don't be a "Shinji Ikari" - And don't pity Shinji because He kills people who don't pity him... If any of this even makes any sense!
  3. New to DN, but have been playing duel monsters since episode 1 of season 0. XD Prepare to have a pro player to join! Put me in! [CrossXWind] I am very good so beware... and I will always be glad to help other players in need!
  4. I always practiced with the video games since they stressed the rulings to the maximum... But their has not been a new video game with tour guides, exceeds, and anything that is actually being run today- yet ... such a disadvantage for me since I don't have a "locals" to practice at and I only partake at regionals and YCS... But thanks to the games the rules are burned into me now! But when the rulings change... I'll need a new game with the changes...
  5. No Reborn.... But still an "OK" Season.
  6. My Fav, Asmodeus, is a beatstick grepher with a dandy effect when solemned! Face my Asmodeus competitive build if you dare!!!
  7. Yeah... Thing is I was buying the entire Gintama series and then they dropped it around volume 23... In japan they have around 40 Volumes... But yeah, I have been reading ahead of the SJ US releases thanks to the online fan translations for years now, but it is so hard to just see most of your favorite manga not be printed in the US anymore... "Shonen Jump the worlds most popular manga" at that. And starting somewhere in March "The SJ in US" -To view the Online SJ US releases you have to pay them. Or be a subscriber or something... Why pay? When you can view them online for free... that are faster released too... (And Thank you so much to all the fan sub groups out there!) But everyone knows Naruto, Bleach, and One piece are here to stay- to be printed... The money and popularity they rake in is a force to be reckoned with as competition.
  8. You know when you are reading an ongoing manga Mainly Bleach... I started getting all emotional back when the FullBringerArc was slowly being released... All those doubts and anticipations... because of the slow releases... Man... Memory manipulation... even as lovers? Whoa... "Implying some stuff" I felt something there...
  9. Yeah all of these bring back so many memories... From ButterFree To Elven Lied To One Piece and to Code Geass
  10. Gotta say Jump Ultimate Stars had so many characters.
  11. I recently heard that Shonen Jump that is going digital and weekly in US! I mean they are not printing the monthly anymore... That means I can't read Shonen Jump in School anymore (I don't have a cell phone either). And... They are dropping most of their series... Gintama was hit... D-Grayman (I think) Reborn (I think so too) and several others... How... why... In the latest volumes of these awesome series: there is no preview for the next volume and they say (End) not (To be continued)... I really want more info about this and hope that they will return... What do you guy's think...? Any ideas...?
  12. Gintama is one heck of a series though. It is so funny at times that the more watch the more you want more!
  13. Whats up everyone! I have been playing the Jump Ultimate Stars Series and was Just wondering if there were more games that involved cool cross overs... Could anyone list any game they might think is a cool cross over game. ---------- Post added at 08:15 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:14 PM ---------- I Know there was one for psp.
  14. Me too, can't wait any longer!
  15. Soul Eater is mine! It's to awesome to miss! No Gin Tama is my favorite...ya! It's way better then Soul Eater!
  16. elian11071107

    One Piece

    Love this show. I've read every chapter, and now I'm watching the entire series with my bro.
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