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  1. Which 10TB drive should I get? Should I get the WD Gold or Seagate BarraCuda Pro (Helium)?

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    2. Cat


      If it were only a year ago I would have vouched for WD 100% of the time, due to their outstanding reliability and performance. However, they haven't made any major progress for quite some and it seems like they've just been sitting on their asses. Seagate on the other hand has been making huge strides and recently introduced their new Barracuda Pro lineup, with great performance at outstanding capacities never before seen in the consumer market. I understand the view some people may have at Seagate, I once held that view not so long ago after all, however I believe they deserve a second chance and I personally will be using their 10TB Barracuda Pro drives in a future build. To be honest as well their drives never were as bad as people made them out to be, I know lots of people that have had amazing experiences with Seagate and terrible ones with WD haha. Also, the 10TB Barracuda Pro is substantially cheaper than the 10TB WD Gold at over $100 less on Amazon.

    3. Kaeyous


      @Koby I am aware that WD owns HGST, but not all drives are built the same way.


      @Cat I use to think that way, I was always with WD. But it's like you said they've barely (or haven't) made any progress. But so far I've been hearing great things about their BarraCuda Pro, which is the reason why I'm seriously considering giving Seagate a chance.

    4. Smileyyakadoo


      WD use to be my favorites since my old prebuilt of my uncles pc i was given and once starting my build yrs later, i went with seagate bc i saw the price drop lower than any others. Also along with be careful what you pay for. wish these drives to be a little cheaper, lol. last drive i got was a 3TB Seagate Berrracuda for $68 on newegg and that was 3yrs ago.

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