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  1. Rest in peace, Stephen Hillenburg. You were an inspiration and a gift to me and a lot of us growing up.

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    2. TheOneWhoSees


      @MarioSonicU it will probably just keep on going until the end of time.

    3. Bersu Ryvec

      Bersu Ryvec

      While I do feel sad for the talented animator, I can't say I ever liked Spongebob, not to mention that SP kinda ruined Nick, sending them onto a quest to find a series just as successful - a quest that still goes on and keeps burying good series which didn't manage to attract as many watchers.

    4. Arian


      @Bersu Ryvec While that's true, that's not on Hillenburg at all. To suggest that he's at any fault for simply creating a well-received show is ludicrous.

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