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  1. Hello Arian, you might remember me, back in 2016 I came to this site to ask if you could record the episodes that Canada aired earlier of Transformers Robots in Disguise.


    Once again, our Canadian brothers are gonna get ahead of us in the USA with their airing schedule, The new show, Transfromers Cyberverse, Airs two 11 minute episodes every week in Teletoon instead of only one, in fact, this sunday, they aired both episode 5 and 6 instead of merely episode 5 like we got in USA.


    I'd like to ask if by any sheer chance you'd have a recording of the episode 6 of the show, and if not, I'd also like to ask if you would be interested in recording the upcoming episodes arriving in the upcoming weeks. It would be great if you could help us get our hands on the content faster.


    Thank you for your attention, cheers.

    1. Arian


      Here you are, friend.







    2. Turbomaster


      Awesome! Thank you Arian, you're the real deal, I'll share it with other fans ASAP.

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