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  1. What are the chances of getting A Certain Magical Index III? It's been a long time since we heard any news.

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    2. iBreaker


      Damn it!! :( I really hoped for a third season in the near future, but with your explanation Baal, it makes perfect sense. It just bumps me that SAO got a second season this year (a whole bet with my cousin), Heavy Object is getting an anime adaption, Railgun got a second season and Index is nowhere to be found... :'( Really hope for a 2016-17 release though!

    3. Dark Lucario

      Dark Lucario

      it makes sense, but i'll still keep my fingers crossed hoping for more seasons.

      Imagine Breaker You're nickname led me to index just rewatched it last weekend. ;p

    4. iBreaker


      We all will!! :) xD I'm so glad that my name aspires fans to re-watch this amazing series!!! It's an honor!! ^_^

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