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  1. I have a code for one of these gift cards and would like to sell it for 45$ as I do not need it. If anyone is interested just PM me and I can sell it via Paypal asap. SOLD
  2. Umm, you could have easily just made a second account and claim that was me... And regardless, even that was me speaking with you, what happens outside of Kametsu has no relation or relevance to this forum. If you make an insulting post about me on Youtube, and bring it to the attention of the admins here, it doesn't mean anything... And you just admitted to your signature being offensive..
  3. What are you talking about? I have never made any of these claims whatsoever and I have never talked to you on Skype. Are you being serious right now? And yes you insulted me numerous times. I have evidence, and I will show it if I need to support my statement. You however continue to falsify information for the sake of your own personal gain. And your signature clearly displays your hostility towards multiple users...
  4. Where or when have I ever made a post attacking you? Please stop making false accusations towards me in an effort to get me banned..
  5. I removed that very shortly after I posted it, and there was no personal information in that picture. It was literally just messages of you harassing me. In fact, I could show this to the admins for proof of your relentless attacks towards me. You were accusing me of a liar, and constantly pushing me to upload something. As a user, I am highly offended by your behavior and I feel like you have targeted me in a negative manner.
  6. Can you please provide evidence of said claim? Screenshots from the thread, skype and messages. How is this evidence? You're not providing any information that has derived from me which supports your claim. By your logic I could simply say the same thing towards you. Please stop putting words in my mouth and making false accusations against me. This is also against the rules. You have already violated the following rules excluding the one I just referenced: • Abusive, threatening, or hostile content will not be tolerated. • Hijacking a thread or derailing it from its original topic
  7. It's not an invasion of privacy if personal information hasn't been shared. In addition, there is nothing uploaded containing your messages. It is however against the rules to derail a thread via spam, which is exactly what you have already done. You are also offending two users including myself with that aggressive hostile signature that resulted from your argument. I am highly offended by this and goes against the rules.
  8. So " KakarotWarrior" you got banned from Kanzenshuu and now your trolling in these forums? Don't bother it won't last long...

    1. Arian


      Knew it was him for the moment I laid eyes on him. XD He got banned?

    2. Dismantles


      Yes he got banned on Kanzenshuu and hes going to get banned here. This was his profile: http://www.kanzenshuu.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=28366

  9. Seems legit. This just made me cry inside. So many memories and nostalgia from these amazing movies :c
  10. Dragonball Z 108-276 (123-291 uncut) was dubbed by Ocean Studios, not Blue Water
  11. I just about agree with you completely. I absolutely hate it when a game comes with literally 1 or 2 slips of paper. Older generation games had a massive booklet that actually detailed the games story, controls etc. The cases themselves now have these holes in them in order to save plastic which I kind of like, but it can be annoying at specific situations (such as handling): Some don't actually have holes, its just a thinner layer of plastic instead.
  12. Just sold it. Yeah the only real reason is that you can get it cheaper on ebay basically.
  13. People don't always care about having a plastic case with a 2 page booklet including a disk that can be scratched. Digital downloads are becoming a norm. But anyways, I got an offer for 30$. Is anyone here interested in offering a higher bid? Would rather sell to someone here than a random person
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