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  1. Ok is this just me mispronuncing it for a very long time

    Uminari city in nanoha

    for some reason I keep saying Ulmarine or something like that

    is this me messing up for many years or is it the dubs fault (because I first watched it dubbed years ago)

    its bugging me

    1. (Kirito)


      If you would've watched Japanese version, you might have heard it "Uminali", but I can't think of any possibility for anyone hearing it "Ulmarine".


      I haven't watched it though so  i don't know.

  2. Just watched no game no life life zero the other day and I really enjoyed it

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    2. Pikanet128


      Was on my self imposed restriction and then took a while to get to it

    3. (Kirito)


      Why'd you impose a restriction?

    4. Pikanet128


      Needed to find work and other stuff 

  3. Back from vacation 

    and need a bit to get back in routine

    will check in later

  4. Pikanet128

    MPV Made Easy (Moodkiller Edition)

    I shall look into this
  5. Happy birthday from another born on this day

    1. Subhraneel


      thanks and same to you!!!!

    2. iman hassan

      iman hassan

      hi. do you have one piece episodes on mega? can you send me the links? thanks

  6. Pikanet128

    Status Quo

    It’s probably just going to take a bit of time but in the end the Kamunity will Live. Heck I’ve been more active this month because I can talk without being hounded for releases. its why my activity went pretty much to nill in the last year was because I had no time to actively release or keep links working but would have had time to chat a bit every once in a while. but I stayed away because I kept being asked for stuff.
  7. All right on vacation now...

    oh I have to drive there darn

  8. Pikanet128

    Status Quo

    I see your point what I would say is if I found a page of info important I would archive it with the release (by saving the page). I know it’s to late and there is a lot lost but that’s just how things go. i just suggest if you find something that important in the future archive the page.
  9. Just noticed I recently pasted my 5 year Kametsu  anniversary.

    1. sniper23


      It's the same for many. I am like you.

  10. Pikanet128

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Ummm Nothing sadly i can’t get myself into anime recently for some reason it saddens me
  11. Pikanet128

    Welcome to Kametsu: Introduce Yourselves! ^_^

    Well welcome to the Kamunity.
  12. Pikanet128

    Hello from Stefan Duelist

    I think you misunderstand as far as I know there not coming back. right @Koby
  13. Pikanet128

    Supernatural (TV Series)

    I recently got into this show im still somewhere in the beginning of S02 but I’m already hooked
  14. Pikanet128

    Status Quo

    I’ve been wondering how many people are still being active now that we’re back up. (of course we probably still need to wait a bit for some people who haven’t noticed yet)
  15. Pikanet128

    Hello from Stefan Duelist

    Woh this post is old well welcome and welcome back
  16. d1T1aCm.jpg

    I’m off on vacation in 36hrs.

    Just in time for my birthday.

  17. Pikanet128

    Have you finished watching everything you have?

    Nope and probably never will
  18. Yes love this show I’m actually currently rewatching it again
  19. Well just changed out my phone battery 

    And now I’m intentionally trying to kill the battery so I can charge it from when it’s discharged to calibrate.

    And it’s taking forever (which I guess is a good thing)

    1. Pikanet128


      My eyes hurt from having the brightness on full

    2. Pikanet128
    3. Pikanet128


      Now charging

      and me sleeping


  20. Pikanet128


    I’m trying to get back myself
  21. @Everyone

    Stop PMing me for old Releases.

    I shall Ignore you.

    Sorry in advance.


    There are two main reasons for this.

    A) It’s not what this forum is for anymore.

    B) I couldn’t get them for you anyway as the drive I keep them on is not being recognized by my PC.

    I could attempt to fix it or try to recover data but I just don’t have the time or the motivation to do so.

    also C) I’m trying to clean out my PM Box and this doesn’t help that task.


    Anyway it’s nothing personal.

    Do feel free to PM me about other things though.


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    2. Pikanet128


      Well how does that help you when I can get the files.

      If you mean for other reasons sure.


    3. (AC)


      I'm just being backwards.


      PM and DM the same thing more or less heh

    4. Pikanet128


      Oh i use DM for Discord

      Because it can Be DirectMessage or DiscordMessage or DiscorddirectMessage