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  1. If anyone has a US credit card and is willing to use it for a $1.07 purchase to help me out, please PM me! Happy to chuck you $10 for your trouble. I know it’s bizarre, but I’ll explain it to whoever can help :P

  2. Not really ones that would motivate you to go to the effort to get an ad blocker surely? Or do you guys just hate ads in general? The posts here make it sound like you're getting completely inundated with advertisements.
  3. I've never used or needed an ad blocker in my life. Sounds to me like you guys are using some naughty websites
  4. Now that's an idea I can get behind!
  5. Anyone here able to access ALL of the videos in this playlist?
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    2. tajd


      There not locked for me I live in Ireland 

    3. ACCM


      Or in the USA

    4. Gabu


      Spain herer. They're accesible to me.

  6. Just cleaned out my inbox, should be able to receive PMs again now.

  7. After battling some health issues after a serious and unfortunate accident, I've finally found time to return to uploading on the forums. If anything I've posted needs re-uploading or I owe you something or you need anything, please do not hesitate to PM me. If I have ignored your PM in the past, I was probably just busy so feel free to bump or re-send it.

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    2. kinglir28


      I hope your health is as good as it was. We seriusly missed you!

    3. SSJLuffy


      Thank you so much for all your uploads!

    4. Ahmad786


      Welcome back ^_^

  8. These two files are giving me hell... if you think you can help in any way, please do, anything is appreciated.


    1. wayshway


      I'll take a look at then after work today. :)

    2. wayshway


      They play fine in TMPGEnc Masterworks 5.

      Please let me know what I could do for you. :)

      Upload them on your Google Drive and share it with me at [email protected]

  9. DawnShadow.

    Make a wish

    I wish to know if the above user's new girlfriend with the multiple personality disorder just happens to be a super sweet, beautiful asian girl meaning that their earlier wish came true...
  10. I'm gonna be dead before anyone wins.
  11. The user above has mad respect for '90s animation.
  12. DawnShadow.


    It's probably Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll... mainly because at this point at least I think it's the only current show I'm watching. What's the silliest, most insignificant thing that you have done in your past that you can't shake from your conscience?
  13. It's gotten to the point for me where it's easier to upload to MEGA then it is to download from MEGA...
  14. @Arian This sucks man, I know how much time and mainly money you put into the server assuming that it would stick around in the long run.
  15. Anyone here collect Thunderbean Animation's Blu-ray releases?

  16. Been a huge fan of your YouTube channel for years, welcome to the site!
  17. Thankfully they've uploaded 4x3 1080p clips of both "The Flintstones" and "Scooby-Doo! Where Are You!" on their official YouTube channel, so maybe things won't be cropped. Ironically, Scooby-Doo! Where Are You!, which has 1080p HD versions available on Amazon UK, looks pretty crappy in this YouTube clip in comparison to Amazon's copies.
  18. Anyone here have a current account for "Oznoz"?

  19. So this went pretty badly last time, but a lot of the requests did get filled. I'm now able to do this personally so...


    Any cartoons need ripping from Amazon US in 1080p? Shows on Prime can be ripped at no cost, but if they're not on Prime, donations will be needed to cover the cost. Keep in my mind the files are higher quality than iTunes pretty much 100% of the time.
    Let me know!

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    2. DawnShadow.


      Majority of SD stuff looks pretty crappy, that won't be worth the effort.


      By the way, perfectly willing to do live-action stuff, not restricted to animation.

    3. Tooncore


      My request would be any upgrades regarding Hanna-Barbera, Ruby-Spears or Filmation.


    4. Great Anime Fan

      Great Anime Fan

      Hey, would you be able to do this? 

      Please reply in that thread if possible. Thanks.

  20. Chance is about 0 to be honest. Exchange Student Zero wasn't added to iTunes by Cartoon Network AU and it was a big show for them, practically their first local title. All other CN content is just mirrored from the US releases. Really? Would've thought you'd know by now. All you need is iTunes 10.7 and Requiem.
  21. Well they probably will be able to, now that you've posted your plan on the site where you know they can see it Maybe you should have kept this plan to yourself... then it may actually work?
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