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  1. If anyone has a US credit card and is willing to use it for a $1.07 purchase to help me out, please PM me! Happy to chuck you $10 for your trouble. I know it’s bizarre, but I’ll explain it to whoever can help :P

  2. Not really ones that would motivate you to go to the effort to get an ad blocker surely? Or do you guys just hate ads in general? The posts here make it sound like you're getting completely inundated with advertisements.
  3. I've never used or needed an ad blocker in my life. Sounds to me like you guys are using some naughty websites
  4. Now that's an idea I can get behind!
  5. So where are you going after this?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. DawnShadow.


      Post to CNS every now and then.


      But I'm here to have discussions and discussions is all ;)

    3. D.Knight


      @DawnShadow. whats CNS? Another forum?

    4. Bal60


      Saw a rumor over on fireden.net that some Kametsu uploaders were starting their own video sharing site.


      You know anything about that. icon_confused.gif

  6. Hello. Are there more specials garfield in 1080p AMZN? I ask because I want to donate

    1. Andi


      all the garfield specials in 1080p from amazon have already been ripped and posted thanks go to @DawnShadow. for this :)❤️❤️

      the other are in sd quality on amazon however this was ripped from vrv thanks go to @Mr. Kimiko for this ❤️❤️

      just be patient please with that torrent and wait for it be seeded by mr kimiko

      [Mr. Kimiko] Garfield Shorts (1982-1991) [VRV-DL][1080p]

      mr kimiko really hates ddl by the way

      just remember that this on public trackers as @Koby said himself as everybody is aware I am sure nobody seeds on public trackers for long


    2. tankard


      I have luck! I had the best answer I could hope for, thank you very much everyone.

  7. I have reason to believe that Cartoon Network Canada got all new HD masters for their late night airings of The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack.


    I only caught the tail end of it but according to TV Passport it was Lazy Bones/Two Old Men and a Locked Box, a Season 2 episode. Not even Hulu has that in HD if memory serves correct.


    Let me know what you think, dude.



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    2. dangerousvhs


      Sorry to disappoint but this isn't all that new. https://kametsu.com/topic/58209-mega-the-marvelous-misadventures-of-flapjack-27-46-tvrip-1080p-complete/

    3. DawnShadow.


      Oh yeah, I forgot about that. It’s episodes 1-26 that need updating. Thanks again for those, @dangerousvhs! :)

    4. dangerousvhs


      They're probably still SD I'm afraid.

  8. Anyone here able to access ALL of the videos in this playlist?
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    2. tajd


      There not locked for me I live in Ireland 

    3. ACCM


      Or in the USA

    4. Gabu


      Spain herer. They're accesible to me.

  9. Just cleaned out my inbox, should be able to receive PMs again now.

  10. i dont know if you can help me

    in fact we are trying to finish a web dl of Aladdin series but we missing the eng audio

    if you can help us would be great ! thanks in advance !

  11. After battling some health issues after a serious and unfortunate accident, I've finally found time to return to uploading on the forums. If anything I've posted needs re-uploading or I owe you something or you need anything, please do not hesitate to PM me. If I have ignored your PM in the past, I was probably just busy so feel free to bump or re-send it.

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    2. kinglir28


      I hope your health is as good as it was. We seriusly missed you!

    3. SSJLuffy


      Thank you so much for all your uploads!

    4. Ahmad786


      Welcome back ^_^

  12. Hey, man. Not to drive you bonkers with this, but could you finish seeding Arthur S16 for me? I'm like less than a percent away from being done. T_T

  13. Could you please empty your PMs a bit? I want to PM you something and I can't since it's full.

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