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  1. Could you please empty your PMs a bit? I want to PM you something and I can't since it's full.

  2. Hi Can You please Upload The First Season Of Victorious

  3. Could you reseed Wordgirl sometime?

  4. These two files are giving me hell... if you think you can help in any way, please do, anything is appreciated.


    1. wayshway


      I'll take a look at then after work today. :)

    2. wayshway


      They play fine in TMPGEnc Masterworks 5.

      Please let me know what I could do for you. :)

      Upload them on your Google Drive and share it with me at BobbyCannon999@gmail.com

  5. VideoRedo fails to open both these files, despite them playing fine and having seemingly no issues whatsoever. The video and audio of each part are both from the same files, so no re-encoding should be necessary. What I'm attempting to do is cut a section of part 1 from 00:00:00 to 00:16:18 and a section of part 2 from 00:16:24 to 00:54:16 and then combine the two files. Part 1 Part 2 Please download the samples and attempt this with any possible program you can think of, the files are small, only 80MB total.
  6. Don't know if you saw this, but I have still had no luck finding this, so if you get a chance or just are in a good mood :) please reupload this to mega https://kametsu.com/topic/60056-req-ben-10-destroy-all-aliens-web-dl1080p/.


    1. Scyrous


      As MoodKiller told you several hours ago, there is no need to multi-post it all over the forum.

    2. dudebro


      okay I don't know how to delete it though now

  7. Download from Youtube in HD

    JDownloader 2 will do it fine as well.
  8. Hello! Could you please reupload Supernoobs AMZN 1080p rips? All the links are down.

  9. Make a wish

    I wish to know if the above user's new girlfriend with the multiple personality disorder just happens to be a super sweet, beautiful asian girl meaning that their earlier wish came true...
  10. Last one to Post Wins

    I'm gonna be dead before anyone wins.
  11. Obvious thing about the member above

    The user above has mad respect for '90s animation.
  12. 8-ball

    It's probably Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll... mainly because at this point at least I think it's the only current show I'm watching. What's the silliest, most insignificant thing that you have done in your past that you can't shake from your conscience?
  13. Official Vent Thread

    It's gotten to the point for me where it's easier to upload to MEGA then it is to download from MEGA...
  14. Count to 100,000

  15. "Where's that DAWN fourth Chaos Emerald?!"

    -Shadow the Hedgehog 2005, 2017.

    IT'S A PUN!!