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  1. https://www.zdnet.com/article/mega-nz-chrome-extension-caught-stealing-passwords-cryptocurrency-private-keys/ Hey, my friend just sent me this article because he knows i use Mega.nz a lot and I thought id share it, I found it pretty interesting I couldn't find if anyone had already posted this before
  2. Cesario

    How to connect an AUX cable to work in laptop

    What model laptop is it? Will give me an idea of the config. Also, sounds like you jack is a 4 pole (same as on most phones), do you know what type of Aux cable you are using? It could simply be a shagged cable causing the conflict, that's fairly common 3 pole - stereoL/R + GND(also system) 4 pole - stereoL/R + GND(also system) + Mic
  3. Https all day every day. I do like XDCC too as an alternative but totally dislike torrents, has way too many dependencies and about as secure as hiding your house key under the doormat.
  4. Cesario

    HTC Vive / Oculus Rift talk

    Hey all, Couldn't really find any threads about the HTC Vive / Oculus Rift so I thought id make one. Being the fact they are expensive as buggery and still in the infancy stages, the first consumer editions are top notch in my opinion. (still loads of improvement required before id endorse buying one unless you have a decent PC application level knowledge) Iv had my Vive for about a month now and can't get enough of it. Would love to hear your experience so far, tips and tricks too! So far i have had a few incidents where a wall jumps out at me and i end up flat on my ass so iv had to dedicate my entire lounge room to VR for now. Any game recommendations or even program recommendations would be great Ces,
  5. Cesario

    What is your favourite country

    Don't forget the evo's! Got mine imported and don't think i will ever part with it!
  6. Cesario

    Official Vent Thread

    Bout to rage quit everything, just found out MacDonald's discontinued sweet mustard sauce... My life is over lol
  7. Oh heya! I grew up around that area but im currently Syd based now. Still need help?
  8. Cesario

    Kametsu is now SSL-ready!

    I've been lurking for a long long time thanks @Koby
  9. Cesario

    Kametsu is now SSL-ready!

    Looks like redirection is working now but for the past few days i was being rejected, looks like my old bookmark was pointing to the index.php landing page https://forums.kametsu.com/index.php Secure connection failed We're sorry. Your request for /index.php could not be completed. This is probably because the site you were connecting to supports SSL but your browser and/or OS does not support the Server Name Indication extension to TLS (likely because it's too old), and thus you were dropped here instead. The only fix for this is to upgrade/change your browser and/or upgrade your OS - especially if you're using older Windows versions like Windows XP (if you are...why are you still using that, exactly...?). Until then your connection will not function to the site you intended. Did the whole cache clear / private browser dealy'o and but it was happening at home, phone on 3G and work network but i found going in through the kametsu.com link got me back in.
  10. Cesario

    Kametsu is now SSL-ready!

    Ah, this explains the 504 errors i was getting. I was using an old bookmark for kametsu which https didn't like. GG, got a bit scared when i couldn't login, thought the site was RIP
  11. Cesario

    What do you think of Elon Musk?

    I love Musk for his drive to push every boundary / limit he can but I also feel like there is a bigger plan he's yet to divulge. Personally im hoping he becomes the worlds first super villain (not to get bad guy confused with super villainism) who puts humanity as a whole first HIS way before everything else but he seems determined to bypass the Planetary protection treaty and because of that and what he's done so far I often compare him to the Illusive man from Mass Effect. some compelling arguments can be found here (lol) http://www.stopelonmusk.org/ Being im from Australia, i have a massive respect for the bet he dropped on my countries government to 'fix' our power issues, never seen the PM stutter so bad before lol, totally caught him off guard! Granted they wont take him up on the deal because they can profit considerably more by selling our countries power rights to China
  12. Cesario

    Random Talk.

    I watched it for the first time about 2 weeks ago, im a big HP fan too but I just couldnt get into Fantastic beasts, seemed like a rather pointless movie to me but it did get a good rep so I will be keen to see how they follow it up
  13. Cesario


    Sup Kevin, welcome to the club!
  14. Cesario

    How do you guys watch so much anime

    Yeh, Time is the biggest pain. Mid 90s i started and to this day it feels like i have only made it up to 'B' in my library. Since i have a 4 hour travel time each day for work i generally smash out a lot while on the train or have anime playing while i work. (a good day i can watch a solid 15 hours but often lose focus at work or break out into a random laughing fit) Since i don't watch Sub im generally behind the current scene but im in no rush, still got plenty of years left in me to binge watch everything
  15. Cesario

    How's your hard drive doing?

    Finally picked up new drives (Z:) so that the home of anime now, filled up quicker than I thought