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  1. How can i fix a MKV with Bad/No Header?

    Meteorite was the first thing i tried and it did nothing at all to the files. Friend of mine has offered to send me the files, i would delete this thread if i knew how? Thank you both for trying to help
  2. So i tried to download a torrent with what showed on the website as 1 seeder and around 20 peers. It turns out the seeder bailed (and isnt comming backl) and left all the peers at 99.6%. I wouldve downloaded from another torrent but they all are Dead and i cant seem to find the series on IRC either so my question is : how would i go about fixing a MKV file with a Bad/No Header? The files that say "Have Header" will work but the ones without a header wont play. Here is a picture of what im talking about.
  3. Cracking Wi-Fi passcodes

    Lol 2 Mile Radius http://wifisniper.com/products.html
  4. Revolution

    I love this show just finished watching the first season online. Cant wait to see what happens in Season 2
  5. What Media Player do you use to watch downloaded videos?

    Thanx alot for clearing that up Koby, you saved me the trouble of doing some research on that.
  6. Post Your PC Specs

    Core I7-860 @ 2.8 GHz Seagate 640 GB HD Radeon 5830 1 GB GDDR5 256 Bit Interface Windows 7 64 Bit 4 GB G-Skill Ram @1066 Mhz 1000 Watt PSU
  7. What's your modem's name?

    I named my previous one Blackbox
  8. Will you be upgrading to Win 8

    Windows 8 seems a hell of alot slower than Windows 7 plus the interface is ugly and a bit confusing. Maybe in the future when it gets more stable i will get it another shot
  9. Megaupload Rumors?

    Megaupload is back and now known as Mega https://mega.co.nz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKBbM2ch_Pk
  10. Super Fast Internet At Hotel..your internet speed

    15 MB/s here and get actual download speeds of 2.0 MB/s
  11. Norton due for renewal.

    Im using Avast Free Antivirus here, as long you register you get free updates/virus definitions. Program seems to update at least 2+ times a week and works really well, its stopped about 95% of the threats/viruses that ive run into so-far.
  12. What OS do you run?

    Windows 7 64 Bit
  13. Best Browser (FF, IE, Opera, etc..)

    ive used Chrome the past few years and it was Blazing fast when it first came out but now it seems really buggy and slow
  14. How Often do you reinstall your OS?

    Supposted to reinstall at least once every 6 months but ive gone up to 2 years without having to reinstall my OS.You can create two separate partitions on your HD one for your system and one for your personal files and it will make reinstalling windows a hell of alot easier.
  15. What's your screen resolution?

    1366x768 for laptop and 1600x900 for Desktop. My other 22 inch Monitor broke while getting shipped in the mail