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  1. Slayers and 12 Kingdoms, are the only 2 I have not watched already but I'll look into them as they sound pretty good. Thanks
  2. I played it for a bit in closed beta, it was actually decently fun. my laptop can not handle it but its a really good game.
  3. I regret ever playing Runescape, I wish I could go back in time and face palm myself before I actually played it. I detest it with a passion to this day. Its just icky. The exact same goes for the fist & last moba I played on warcraft III.
  4. well that makes a lot more sense as when I watched a bit of the first episode it seemed like it was like it was half way into the plot xD
  5. Finished watching MAR, it was pretty good, not as much as Dog Days but still good. Tried to watch Shigurui Death Frenzy but just could not get into it. Recently started looking at space westerns like Cowboy Beebop. I am watching Bones right now but then I am gonna give "Magi; The Kingdom of Magic" a try.
  6. Oh wow, yeah that looks pretty snazzy. Nice Work!
  7. Already watched Dog Days 2. cant wait until 3 is released...I had a suspicion that there would be a 3 but was not certain. Thanks for confirming it
  8. Finished watching Dog Days, it was awesome, gonna watch MAR next.
  9. Probably either "Sword Art Online" for the ability to immerse yourself completely into a game, or "C: The Money and Soul of Possibility Control" just the whole concept of that is awesome.
  10. I'll take a look at Mar, magi and dog days, the rest I have watched Thanks a bunch. PS I added my MAL to my profile, its not finished but I have added about 15% of the shows on there
  11. I do but I have not updated it...I have a list somewhere I'll try and update it later today
  12. I've seen (or are watching still) all but Shigurui Death Frenzy. I'll try that though thanks
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