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  1. Ouran High Host Club is one. It's absolutely hilarious. ^^ It's about an honour student who's just arrived in a school for extremely rich people. The student wonders into a host club and breaks a vase and then needs to work for them to pay it off. Other romantic comedyish ones I've watched was Karin and School Rumble, but I haven't watched much of them so I don't know. Less romantic ones that are good are Negima!? (take note of the punctuation), which has a bit of romance. More action and comedy though. Inuyasha has less comedy and more adventure and action. It's not weird at all. :3
  2. 360, but only because that's the one I have. To be honest, I actually like it's bulkiness and you tend not to notice it's... calming roar. I don't really use much internet gaming, so I can't say which is better from that perceptive. I prefer the Xbox controls, for some reason. More comfortable.
  3. I'll admit it. I'm not very active. Look at my absolutely huge amount of posts? XD I'm curious now. Which one Dragonball evolution? There's so many Dragonballs. Ok, ignore how that sounds please.
  4. Tacos. Tacos so good in my tummy yummy yummy give me more. :3 What? I like tacos.
  5. Some mods for Elder Scrolls Morrowind and after that I might try find Haruhi Suzumiya.
  6. I'm a Libra, born 18th October. And I have the very flattering pig as my Chinese zodiac. I don't remember what the traits for them were, so... yeah.
  7. I haven't heard those bands, but I'll recommend T.M. Revolution, I'm fairly sure that's j-rock. They did the first theme for Soul Eater; Resonance. Kosaka Riyu is good to, but like I said, I don't really know. ^^'
  8. Video games, anime, photoshop and creatures from folklore are my main nerdisms. It's great when you can randomly reference them and confuse your friends. One time, some of my friends were fighting with sticks and I told them to 'soul resonance'. XD
  9. At school I used to learn German, but I've forgotten almost all of that. When it was an option, I switched to Mandarin Chinese, which I'm still doing. I've picked up a few Japanese words, and I'd like to know more. I also think I can say 'eat house' in French, but I heard those words off a friend and it might not be reliable. Basically, I want to learn Asian languages, because I'd like to go to China, Thailand or Japan sometime.
  10. I can't really choose. I think I just prefer whoever seems to do a better job or which voice better fits the characters or setting. I prefer the sub of Ouran High, but I prefer the dub of Lucky Star because there were some jokes I understood better in English.
  11. That's a hard one. XD I love the ending of Claymore; Danzai no Hana and the opening of the English Dub of Negima!?; 1000% SPARKING! Both of which I've been obsessed with. XD
  12. I sort of jumble them up, I've got heaps that I've started watching. Probably the main ones though are Soul Eater, Negima!? and Ouran High Host Club.
  13. My old favorite was Ninetales, but then Froslass came along. I have no idea why I like it, just do.
  14. The Elder Scrolls series. I love the big game world and the lore. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is good to, I prefer it over the mains games, at least until the story's over. >.>
  15. Kitsama


    I used to like the anime when I was younger, and when I was going through the 'watching an anime for a month before getting sick of it and hating it' phase of my life. XD I still play the games, I love them. The first main game I got was Emerald, but all up my first game was Pokemon Stadium. I'm sort of divided now between whether I like HeartGold or Platinum better. Platinum has a better storyline (for me, I like epic remaking-the-world kinds of things) or HeartGold, for the more longer storyline and the better touch screen controls.
  16. I like action based the most, but turn based is OK if it's done well.
  17. Well, I was innocently browsing for anime downloads and look what I found. :3 I've played video games for ages, my first console was the Nintendo 64. I probably learnt about RPG games around when I got Fable 2, because I actually didn't know what genre Pokemon was. ^^' I liked it, and I soon got Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy 4. I have absolutely no idea how I got into anime. Was it Yu Gi Oh Abridged, or was it Inuyasha? Who knows, but I've seen way more since then! Feel free to ask me questions, and it's nice to be here.
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