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  1. seasons 1 , 2 and the movie are all fine. but S3 is basically unwatchable until they release it on bluray. provided they take time to fix all the crappy animation and uncensor the blood.
  2. An encode of anything is a 'downgrade'. No matter how you look at it, you're losing the original quality. Sure you can filter away defects, but in the end you're only destroying what was originally there. To be clear, encodes reduce quality by nature. An encode that goes quickly will reduce quality in a more noticable way than a slow encode. That extra time (as i understand it) is used by the software to reduce quality/bit depth in areas that wont be noticable. The more time given to this process, if done correctly, the more accurate (and close to the original) it will be. longer encodes can give better quality but in h.264's case that can mean using higer settings which leads to incerasd complexity for the decoder to decode that can cause artifacts by it self. for that reason it's better to let avisynth filters do the deblocking & noise filtering. it also helps to disable cabac whenever possible. plus too many people make the mistake of using the "High" profile with a low bit rate when they should be using "baseline". "high" profile is designed to work at a bitrate of 42,000 with 1280x720 video. no one in their right mind would download a video with a bitrate that high though much less upload it.
  3. I find it funny that europe is tierd of NSA spying when the british G4 is just as bad. the two have been exchanging data on a regular basis actually. the EU has also been trying to pass alot of bills to censor the internet lately. they even recently tried to set up a filter to block porn sites. but the filter was so badly made it blocked clean sites as well. not a place where I'd like servers hosted from. the only exceptoin being the netherlands since they actually belive in a free and open internet.
  4. gunbuster2(aka daibuster) seriously should have been dubbed along time ago also macross fronteir. too bad due to some kind of licencing hell back in like the 80/90's we'll never see anyone try to licence any macross stuff.
  5. none other then Hitokiri Battosai of coarse not only was he trained in a legendary sword style but his sword was crafted by a legendary blacksmith. afro is good but as far as I know he has no training and his sword is average.
  6. a certain magical index and the world god only knows they both have me on the edge of my seat I also really hope Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? continues along with Astetica Of A Rouge Hero<(dat last queens blade cross over OVA was legendary).
  7. Oracle of Seasons for the gameboy I like Oracle of time as well but I have to say thew puzzles in time are very annoying.
  8. I prefer streaming for new/subbed anime and download for dub/old anime I find it's both convenient and fun to have dual audio since it's alot easier to watch dubs while eating dinner and I like comparing the japanese voices to the english ones.
  9. I'd say at-least %30 belive it or not their was a time when dbz was more popular then ameirican idol but that era's long since gone anime is rare on tv but toonami isn't the only anime block syfi,ifc,g4tv and spiketv have all aired it at some point also if you live in an area with comcast cable I thik you can get anime channel on demand and the funimation channel but that was a while back those channels may not exist anymore. not that I care I haven't watched tv in a long time.
  10. a nintendo dslite with an R4 card it may not sound like much but as a music player it's better then an ipod 4th gen on battery life and the folding design is very convinient.
  11. Seitokai Yakuindomo and nichijouare the funnniest subbed anime I've seen as far as dubs go desert punk is the best.
  12. theres just no beating x86 even if you have an ARM cpu that's more powerful x86 has all the better software. who wants android when you can use full ubuntu or some other linux distro or even windows. thanks to the umpc/slatepc era even windows xp has touch support and linux has since v8.10. the only problem has been battery life which has been adderssed with intel's current line of atom cpus and it's only going to get better when they launch 14nm cpu's next year. even arm will have a hard time competing since they will only have 16nm. but the real race starts in 2017/18 thats when we may see a shift from silicone to graphine and hit die sizes below 1nm.
  13. vlc may be getting a bad rap here but even though it dosen't play hd in hd It dose play everything out of the box and dosn't leave alot behind like codec packs do.the only feature it's missing is the ability to strech video to fit the screen like MPC dose.
  14. if you look a windows history: windows 95 good windows 98 same as 95 windows 2000 better windows ME bad windows xp best windows vista bad windows 7 much better windows 8 worst windows 8.1 improved but still bad lookingat it that way it's safe to say windows 9 will be the the succesor to windows 7 then again I may go full linux if they can fix their driver issues and wine gets full exe compatability.. (aka runs all exes that run on windows drivers excluded)
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