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  1. undertehker

    help me choose new pc

    Be careful not to overspend on parts that you may not need (example: 8-16gb of ram is a little excessive.) Take a look at your games' recommended hardware requirements. That'll help some.
  2. undertehker

    Need advice on a CPU for my new PC

    According to many budget build articles, that is one of the best cpus to get. Also, I think that you might can get by with using a cheaper air cooler instead. For example, the Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo is frequently suggested in many builds. I have a question of my own. With Turbo Core enabled, would an AMD FX-8320E be better than a FX-6300? From what I understand, the Turbo Core shuts down idle cores and overclocks the active ones automatically whenever half the cores are unused. I would think that the extra two cores in the FX-8320E would take advantage of that.
  3. undertehker

    TV Antennas

    I don't think a dish would work, but I have been wrong before. The best thing to do is to purchase a omni-directional or multi-directional antenna. This way, you don't have to adjust the antenna every time you change the channel. They cost a little more but the convenience is worth it. Another thing to consider is if your tv is digital. Years ago, over-the-air reception changed from analog to digital. If your tv is analog then you have to purchase a digital-to-analog converter box. However, if you got a plasma, lcd, or led tv then you should be fine.
  4. You could order that straight from Good Smile's site. If it were for me, however, I would order from amazon.
  5. undertehker

    Paypal has once again blocked us

    Alright. Thanks. I was worried that they may try to take money out of my bank account to cover the flattr account.
  6. undertehker

    Paypal has once again blocked us

    I finally realized that flattr does take credit/debit cards. *fail* Anyways, would flattr overdraft my account once my funds are gone? Or will it stop the donations when it reaches 0?
  7. undertehker

    Keep One, Drop One

    Guy Heaven?
  8. undertehker

    Xbox One will soon support MKV video playback

    A htpc is necessary to play media nowadays. I have purchased four set top boxes, and each one has grown out-of-date.
  9. Sometimes it's necessary to go a long distance out of the way to come back a short distance correctly.

  10. undertehker

    Keep One, Drop One

    Battle Axe
  11. undertehker

    Keep One, Drop One

    Pay Day
  12. undertehker


    True, but the Recommended & Banned File Share Hosts thread could be updated. It can't be updated daily, but it still has hotfile (dead) and rapidshare (just terrible) on it.
  13. undertehker


    I need to search the site more. I've never seen that subforum before.
  14. undertehker


    I have been thinking about posting anime-related games, roms, and isos. However, I'm swamped at the moment. Just another idea I guess.
  15. undertehker

    Keep One, Drop One

    Good Grief