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  1. Aight where my peeps at

    1. Koby


      We've mostly migrated to Discord. Come join us: https://discord.kametsu.com

  2. ugh 10 weeks of manga to catch up wish me luck

  3. Pickle Riiiiick


    Gotta get dat parkour





    Tiny riiiiick



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    2. Nabull


      Meh, watching anime and stuff? 

    3. professa X

      professa X

      reading manga, just cant get into anime again for some reason which  is funny cuz i recently posted a topic about madVR and SVP

    4. Nabull


      Yeah, I saw


      VR Pron :haha:


  4. im baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack


    now show me some love!

    1. mrbaer


      you are not dead or gone GOOD back to work you took a long enough vacation

    2. mrbaer



    3. professa X
  5. swiggity swooty i'm coming for that booty

    1. NeutralHatred


      Koneko's booty belongs to me.

    2. professa X

      professa X

      sorry that booty has been through crapper already xD

  6. I;m naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

    1. Koby


      nanana, so tella friend.


  7. dude why did you do planerarian. shit left me preety sad. i was expecting a nice ending. now im hollow

  8. is it just me or is the Greed character always the coolest?

    FMA -Greed was coolio

    Seven Deadly Sins - Fox sin of Greed was coolio

    Servamp - Lawless Greed was coolio

  9. LOL. crunchyroll notifies you when naruto shippuden canon returns

    1. Koby


      What canon? 752 turned out to be like 75% Obito flashbacks we've seen a million times.

    2. Koby
  10. whoops capping Gundam iron blood? 

  11. as requested:




    for the audio



    for the video and subs



    however some has done it with onyxraws:


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    2. DeathTheKid


      As far as I know @Koby, only Knights of Sidonia. 

    3. professa X

      professa X

      well this sux.  

      @Koby is there we could get this done with croud sorcing. make this some sort of competition make it some sort of community event.  getting all the community encoders to puts there skills together.


      @DeathTheKid strange i didnt have any missing dialouge. just sync issues after eye catch. i got to ep  8 b4 i quit trying. what evs. who ever can do this would make season 2 enjoyable.

  12. today will mark the first day i use qBittorent, i feel like a new man

    1. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      feeling young, are we? lol

    2. professa X

      professa X

      yea i aged under the burden of utorrent ads and bloatware. now i get at nice torrent client that uses the latest libtorrent code!

    3. ZeroPenguins


      rTorrent + ruTorrrent front end + plugins FTW!

  13. is it wrong if i am skipping anime to Listen To X

  14. i'm a grown ass man that: cries when luffy cries, laughs when luffy laughs and triumphs when luffy triumphs.

  15. i am glad watanabe still has it!

  16. G gundam reference: 


  17. just found out about: https://hummingbird.me/anime really nice!

    1. Koby


      I tried HummingBird a while back but it was just too buggy and kept glitching out when trying to update my list so I opted to stick with MAL.

    2. professa X

      professa X

      Interesting. I just liked their layout.

  18. Natalie dormer


    Elizabeth olsen


    Heather sossaman

  19. Hey. Ya did good son. Now if u ever feel like putting up an upload. Just let me know. I'll set up a thread for u and u can post on the comments of the thread. Aight? It's always good to have a second weekly uploader.

    1. DudeeBalls
    2. DudeeBalls


      Parasyte 09:  https://mega.nz/#!vcZFhARD!71nMzXIzk82dx2r4MlupO6pSThlb5J_6QtyEzWIz77Y

      Parasyte 10:  https://mega.nz/#!jVph0Qjb!nW2ejbLCLRoOVaso01uJGoPumXSCAbhiYaipiO7Au3Q

      Akame ga Kill 15: https://mega.nz/#!bBYSTR6Y!HuvEy-mVctMeMn6pAq4A4JenX92MCy_9R0_1K2dRs_I

      Akame ga Kill 17:  https://mega.nz/#!KIpHgJCA!ESMx74rmKWsPV_HnDxosKm9Xf4XIJuXysC9jju_eBlg

      Sorry already deleted 16 and 17 of Akame ga Kill cause thought I was not suppose to post it anymore and wasn't gonna make a thread. I aqlso have all of Akame ga Kill back to episode 8 and parasyte back to episode 2.

    3. professa X

      professa X

      aight giv me a couple of days.

  20. i am soooo pissed that ender's game didnt get a sequel! tbh it could stand alone.

    1. Nabull


      It is a pretty decent movie imo

  21. Knock knock

    1. ElementalCards
    2. professa X

      professa X

      after waiting this long. i will not dignify that with an answer!

  22. Subtitle enthusiast or

    subtle enthusiast ?

    1. Moodkiller
    2. professa X

      professa X

      after watching one vid. deadpool red band trailer was on the related videos...

    3. Moodkiller


      haha xD, cant wait for that to come out.

  23. i broke all the christmas lightbulbs on this forum! i am evil incarnate! muhahaaha

    1. AkitoCat


      just the bulbs..?? how about breaking the star on top as well. Only then you shall become truly EVIL.


    2. Afternoon Nap

      Afternoon Nap

      Let me help you repair the bulbs. Now please refresh the page, typically by pressing F5 on your keyboard! Disclaimer: not responsible for electrocution.

    3. LimitLess


      Mine was accidental, I swear it.....

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