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  1. Death Note & Fullmetal Alchemist
  2. Death Note Hellsing Ultimate Fullmetal Alchemist Dragon Ball Z/GT Elfen lied High School Of the Dead
  3. Golden Axe, Streets Of Rage and shinobi
  4. Definitely have to go with snakes
  5. Would definately have to go with Vegito
  6. I'm 100% to the box sets, as long as they don't make more seasons after they have released it
  7. Hellsing 8/10 I loved Hellsing, but.. the ending really sucked! i think it did anyways. They could have easily kept the series going
  8. loki1390

    horror anime

    Hellsing and Elfin Lied. Both awesome series
  9. That is sad! was such an awesome series!
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