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  1. DarkTyranitar

    What brand of T.V. do you have?

    Samsung 42" plasma, I believe it's a model from 2012.
  2. DarkTyranitar

    Anime you would want to watch more than once.

    Kanon, Is This a Zombie, Haganai, From the New World, Code Geass, Death Note... OK, I'm stopping right there, there's way too many anime that I would watch more than once.
  3. DarkTyranitar

    What's your favorite TV Show (non Anime)

    I'm still watching breaking bad and the walking dead but it's been a while since I've seen either, but I would say those are my favorite shows at the moment.
  4. DarkTyranitar

    Favorite Anime Opening

    I would have to say the Pokemon dub opening because it's the only one that gives me nostalgia.
  5. DarkTyranitar

    Where Do You Purchase Your Video Games?

    Amazon with free 2 day shipping or anywhere online that has the game for a really low price. If I find a game on Amazon for cheap, not only do I save money on the game but I also save money on gas.
  6. DarkTyranitar

    Favorite Game?

    I have to choose between Pokemon R/B/Y or OoT, both are great games so it would be hard to choose one over the other.
  7. DarkTyranitar

    whats the oldest anime you have?

    The first Gundam series, but I got bored of it and stopped watching it. Dragon Ball would have to be the oldest show that I have that I enjoy.
  8. DarkTyranitar

    Code Geass vs Death Note

    For me it would be Code Geass. I like the characters and ending better.
  9. DarkTyranitar

    Anime you're currently obsessed with?

    Currently Pokemon, but my obsessions come and go, with random shows and sometimes the obsessions only last for a few days.
  10. DarkTyranitar

    Watching Anime Online vs Downloading Anime

    I prefer downloading. I have nothing against watching online since I've done it in the past but it's way better quality when you download it.
  11. DarkTyranitar

    Favorite Studio Ghibli Movies

    I would say ponyo because that's the only one I've seen. I've been wanting to watch other ones but each time I'm about to watch it I read the descriptions and they sound boring so I decide to not watch it.
  12. DarkTyranitar

    What MP3 Player Do You Have?

    I use to have a 1st gen Ipod nano but then it broke, so now I have a 4gb sansa clip zip with a 16gb microsd card.
  13. DarkTyranitar

    What is the Naughtiest/Raunchiest Anime you've seen?

    I've seen quite a few naughty shows but the first ones that come to mind are Yosuga no Sora and School Days.
  14. DarkTyranitar

    What is ur most watched anime?

    There's only a few shows that I've re-watched, but when it comes to pokemon the original and johto series I could watch any random episode and enjoy it.
  15. DarkTyranitar

    Favorite Zelda Game?

    Ocarina of Time, even till this day I could get sucked into that game. A Link to the Past and Twilight Princess are right behind OoT.