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  1. I started playing Kingdom Hearts then moved into final fantasy X.
  2. I like the Action system mainly because of the Kingdom Hearts series.
  3. I guess Riku mainly because Sora is a little to childish while Riku is just a BA.
  4. Hallow Bastion/ Radiant Gardens because I love the 1000 Heartless battle and I also love fighting Sepphiroth.
  5. Alan Wake although it was short the story was hooking and little bit freaky.
  6. I would like to see another tomba! or good rayman game none of the rabbits gameplay
  7. Yeah like the others have said it is better to rent it unless you are planning to play it 10 or more times after you beat it the first time.
  8. Final Fantasy I + II Dawn of Souls Final Fantasy VII Final Fantasy X Final Fantasy XIII Final Fantasy VII- Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII- Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy Dissidia Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
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