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  1. I was wondering what was your most unusual or funny weapon that you have seen in an anime or manga is. For me, it's Leon from Hitman Reborn. Why? Because it's a Shape Shifting Chameleon! Who would have thought of that for a weapon? Even though he's cute, he's deadly since he often changes into a gun- and makes his own special bullets- or a hammer (or what ever else Reborn needs, like a balloon, or an umbrella). Plus, he gives birth to other weapons (eg Dino's whip and Tsuna's mittens) as well the amazing Sponge Turtle called Enzio. Enzio is also a funny weapon since it grows larger the more water you put on it. On the unusual side though, the Voids from Guilty Crown are pretty interesting. And for the moment, I'm defining weapon as something that's not a part of your body, meaning no Geass, no alchemy, or shape shifting body parts.
  2. Depends on personal preference really. At first it did, but as I got older, I don't really care anymore. I'll watch, or read, any hardcore material now. Once you get used to it, it's fine.
  3. I'm in the same position, but I also have study days off that I can watch anime in too. But I mostly watch anime at night. Or as a break from the assignments. And I read manga in the bath lol. If I'm really into a series then I might put episodes onto my ipod and watch it during the day, like on the bus or during breaks at college.
  4. This totally random thought popped into my head the other day. Whilst we all know that Shinigami are death gods there are lots of different portrayals of them. Examples: Soul Society from Bleach Ryuk and the rest from Death Note Grell and the rest from Kuroshitsuji Maka and Soul and the rest from Soul eater (but not sure if they count since they only go after bad souls, but KID's dad is called Shinigami-sama.) The angels from Full moon wo sagashite are also called Shinigami. Ballard of the Shinigami. And loads more in lots of anime and manga. Sometimes they are known by the English equivalent of Grim Reapers too. So from any manga or anime you've read, which Shinigami would you give your soul to?
  5. Mahou sensei negima was one that I really enjoyed. It's still ongoing, but seems to be coming to an end. It's about a 10 year old magic student who's sent on assignment to teach a load of high school girls- hense the ecchi- but it goes slightly action as well. AND is done by the same author as love hina. I quite enjoyed the Love Hina anime although I've never read the manga.
  6. Thanks for your suggestions. I am reading black cat at the moment, but i'll take a look at the other one.
  7. Kufufufu Heya guys I watched Reborn! a couple of months ago, and I've been extremely addicted since, everything from cosplay belts to reading fan fiction. So I was wondering if you guys know of any other anime like it. Also, could you guys explain why you think the anime is like reborn as well that would be greatly appreciated. Anyone who doesn't will be bitten to death. ( lol don't mind the references) Bye-Bi
  8. I loved Ouran but i prefered the manga. In reference to the live action, it is quite funny seeing how they've done the 'tamaki effects'. I was watching it late at night and trying really hard not to burst out laughing. Things like tamaki slamming into walls with 3d writing above his head it quite funny. Also watching Hunni do martial arts too.
  9. depends on what genre you want to watch next. I go through phases. However i would recommend: English dubbed d.gray man deathnote Code geass r1/2 Black cat Soul Eater Kuroshitsuji (black butler) s 1/2 although i preferred the sub Full metal panic/ fumoffu the following are subbed only Kateikyoushi hitman reborn (takes a little while to get going- i mean like 30 episode- but well worth the wait, especially the future arc- epic XD ) Tiger Bunny Star Driver These are a few of my fav action ones that come to mind. If you want a different genre then just ask Hope this helps. PS none of the above contain vampires or werewolves as main characters. (accept possibly d.gray man, but the vampire is not really a vampire, he just has fangs really, therefore is called a vampire.)
  10. Hitman reborn definitely!! Pandora hearts too. I would like to see tiger and bunny in english dub too- i loved that show. I would like at least the rest of the case closed movies to be englished dubbed.
  11. I'm glad that you feel the same way as me Apollo. Lets hope that they will go back to X and Clover too.
  12. Ouran high school host club, The wallflower, Azumanga dioh, paniponi dash, negima s1/2, hetalia, from the ones others have said, i'd agree with full metal panic fumofu and one piece.
  13. lol. This was all I could think about today at work, so i decided to post it here.
  14. I was looking at some news this morning and let out the biggest fan girl scream that I have ever done- which I hardly ever do. And the reason for this odd behavior? CLAMP have finally decided to continue Legal Drug manga! The Original manga came out in 2001 and after 3 volumes were published in 2003 they stopped. I'm sure that since then they must have had loads of requests to continue- which is mostly likely why they have decided to restart the manga after such a long time. I had nearly given up hope that they weren't going to continue this. I really enjoyed this manga- and its one of my favorite CLAMP works. I highly recommend to anyone who has not read it to do so. Legal drug is actually mentioned a few times in XXXholic. [ no spoilers intended in the following ] Its the drugstore that watanuki goes into to buy stomach medicine for Yuko. In addition, there is are 2 more XXXHolic crossovers: the first being that the main character in legal drug must go between a lamp post and a wall to reach a time jump. Watanuki and Yuko also pass between the wall and the lamp post when talking to the dream king (the one with balloons. xxxholic kei (s2) ep 4 Dream Buying. Secondly, In XXXholic, when wataniki is trying to fix the pipe fox (making him small again) he enters a vase with daffodil looking flowers on it. This vase is found by the main characters of legal drug in a shrine (xxxholic s1 ep 16 :reunion). The only other time that legal drug characters can be found is during clamp in wonderland music video. If you look on wiki there is a small section on the crossovers between legal drug and other clamp works. Here is the link that I found this information on : http://www.animenewsnetwork.co.uk/news/2011-08-06/clamp-to-start-new-lawful-drug-manga-series Heres hoping this new manga is as good as the old one. So anyone else as excited as me to see this? (I hope that i've put this in the right place and sorry for rambling on lol )
  15. okay here i go (sorry if i've spelt anything wrong :3 ) Dislikes: Afro samurai Akira Angel scantrary Black lagoon OVA Roberta's blood trail deadman wonderland ninja scroll panty & stocking seikon no qwaser likes: 07-ghost Ai mai mi strawberry eggs Air gear Ao no exorsist Azumanga Dioh Bakuman Bezelbub Black Cat Black lagoon Bleach Blood-C Blue Dragon Buso Renkin c- the money of soul and posability control CardCaptor sakura Cardfight Vanguard Case Closed (detective conan) ( +movies/ OVA's) Chobits Chrome Shelled Regios Chrono crusade Clamp School Detectives Code Geass cromartie high school D.Grey Man Dantalian no Shoka Death Note Digimon Disgaea D.N.Angel Dragon Ball Durarara Earl and Fairy Eden of the East ( +movies) Familiar of Zero Fruit Basket Fullmetal alchemist Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood Fullmetal panic Fullmoon wo sagashite Ga rei zero Gauken Heaven Getbackers Great Teacher Onizuka Gurren Lagann Hakuouki Hetalia Hidan no Aria High School of the Dead hyakka ryouran samurai girls [email protected] Infinite Stratos Junjou romantica Jinki Extend Kaichou wa maid sama Kamisama dolls Kamisama no memochou Karin (aka chibi vampire) Katekoshi hitman Reborn Kuroshitsuji Love Hina Mahou sensei negima ala alba Mahou sensei negima mou hitsou sekai MAR Marwaru Penguin Drum Mayo Chiki Midori Days Monochrome Factor Naruto Natsume Yuujinchou Negima!/ ?! Nurarhyon no mago One Piece Otome yokai Zaurko Ouran High School Host Club Outlaw Star Pandora Hearts Pani Pony Dash Phantom Memory Kurau Phantom Requium of the phantom pita 10 Please Teacher Please Twins Rave master Sacred 7 Sands of Destruction sekai-ichi hatsukoi Shaman King Star Driver Starry Sky Soul eater Suzuka Tenjho Tenge The World only god knows The melancholy of Haruhi Suzamiya this ugly yet beautiful world Tiger & Bunny Tokyo Mew mew Tsubasa Tsubasa movie Tsubasa OVAs Uta No Prince Sama XXXholic XXXholic movie XXXholic OVA Yu-Gi-Oh
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