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  1. heres an awesome webbsite maker page, i used it for my tf2 servers webbsite. its in swedish but you can translate it if you run google chrome hemsida24.se
  2. i got a iomega just 80$ for 1 TB,
  3. i preffer my headphones otherwise my dad would be like "wtf" when he hear me watching anime :3
  4. my mouse and keyboard allways disconect so i haft to restart the PC whit the button on the front so i guess my hard drive aint doing so good...
  5. this works on virutual drives (power iso) but i guess you can test it on a normal disk to, 1. klick "explore" on the CD in you PC 2.drag all the files whit the other mouse button to your desktop and press copy. idk if it works for you but it does for me. and theres usally a video that provides a menu just find that to watch the movie whit out the disk.
  6. i've used gifs allot in my video's, use sony vegas 10 pro that works, it aint free but you can run the trail and make the movie it supports gifs too.
  7. i had an galaxy S3 and after it got stolen i bought and S4, i definitely recommend any of them. i had no problems with neither of them and the S4's screen is even better than my PC's led screen so it awesome for youtube and it got a fast processor so you can play almost any phone game or game emulator without any lag at all.
  8. i got no problems whit the new design only that they force you too use it... and i miss the old meme's like "you know what they say, all toasters toast toast"
  9. "any video converter" is good, its avilable in diffrent langwitches and you can run the trail vertion how long you want whit out any ads so its baseclly free.
  10. intel core I5 nvidia GTX 550ti 8 gb ram 2 tb harddrive made 2011 motherboard MSI powersupply CX430 windows 7 service pack 1 Yeah i know, i need a new PC...
  11. Hi, i bought a bamboo tabblet due i wanted to start drawing but one day i got tea all over it, when i plug it in it randomly presses the left mouse button so i haft to spam it to make the bamboo stop. anyone know how to solve this whitout opening it up? im new here btw :3
  12. Sony Vegas pro 10 is awesome i use it for everything, trailers, gmod videos and more. it aint free or support mkv so you haft to convert it however....
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