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  1. Itachi, Sasori, Konan, Yahiko, Nagato, Jiraya, Neji They are just too cool to be dead
  2. I like jiraya but i hate his pervy manneers.. He being a pervert might be the reason people hate jiraya
  3. konan

    Gaara Fans

    Gara is just so cool.. cant stop loving him *_*
  4. konan

    What Do You Like About Anime?

    It is fun to watch, filled with emotions that can make u cry. Overall it is amazing
  5. Gold D roger Luffy Zoro
  6. konan


    Yahiko X konan <3 Minato X kushina <3
  7. konan

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Anime: Dusk maiden of Amnesia Thoughts : Creepy but Sugoe
  8. konan

    Is Bleach Finished?

    Its finished only in anime.. the manga is still going on
  9. konan

    Kakashi's Real Face

    Only two of the ones from hidden leaf village has seen his face.. the guy from ichiraku ramen shop and his daughter have seen his face.. i wish i could be one of them
  10. konan

    Anime: English Dub Vs Sub

    Anime sounds Awesome when it is in Japanese.. i would prefer Subbed than dubbed one
  11. Everything should be perfect
  12. konan

    Anime You've Recently Completed?

    Anime : Code Breaker Thoughts : An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, An Evil for An Evil
  13. konan

    One Piece

    What if the one piece is Luffys Hat..