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  1. Sly Cooper and maybe even Wolfenstein. I always did love those two. Maybe even throw in a Halo 4 with the Chief and Cortana back in action.
  2. I own both and I prefer the 360, but that is probably because I have more games and friends on Live than on PSN. But the paying for access causes me to keep going back to my Play Station. And the free browser doesn't hurt.
  3. Alan Wake WAW Zombies Halo 1 inFamous Red Dead Redemption Borderlands Tekken 6 and Bad Company 2
  4. agree with the above. It is an awesome game but just feels to repetitive, kinda like pokemon. But I enjoyed it and bought it but just for the code to get free dlc. I suggest you rent it then go from there.
  5. CJB95


    I was a big fan of the first anime, when they entered Johto I was even more addicted but when Misty departed and May came in, I died. As for the games, I feel that they should have stopped after Johto. It just teems like they were trying to capitalize on the series.
  6. Well there are a few. 007 Goldeneye Rogue Agent for the Gamecube LoTR Battle for Middle Earth 'Splosion Man The 2006 Sonic the Hedgehog game Most games based on movies unless it it Goldeneye 007 for the N64 Aqua Man: Battle for Atlantis and the worst game I have ever played... ET The Extra Terrestrial for the Atari
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