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  1. Are you allowed to vote for an admin of the graphics team?
  2. That is very hard... With me I always love plot but whats the point in the plot if you don't have the amazing characters making the plot awesome? I want both lol. But if the Anime character is super hot then forget the plot I will make my own <3!
  3. I play LoL ! I do Top,Mid,Support, and ADC! What server you guys on?
  4. YESSS!!! I cant wait to play this ! Kenshin will win <33!! Is this coming to us as well?
  5. GoddessLuna

    Hello All

    Welcome! And aww its a shame you can read subs anymore.. Alot of good anime's don't come out in English dub =(! Luckily for you SAO will be out in English dub ! Make sure to watch that ! It is super good!
  6. Welcome ! I like Mangos to <3! Yummmy Yummy XD! Im pretty sure you were talking about Manga. But still the fruit is good to lol! I hope you have fun here !
  7. I hate waiting for new episodes of anime Dx! Hunter X Hunter just got into the good stuff Dx! So did the Over lord part time work or whatever that anime is called lol. I hate waiting Dx!

  8. Radical Ed- I mean just look at that siggy. That is so beautiful and so well done. I really loved it. Breathless- I think this one is very nice as well. Its simple and clean not to much going on in it to clash with itself. Simple and Clean you can never go wrong with. SerafinaStar- Compared to everyone else I can tell you worked extremely hard on this. I don't know if that bright pink was the best to match chi but it still looks very lovely! Everyone else did a lovely job as well but this is my top 3 :3! Good job everyone!
  9. Sorry I was gone on a trip for two days Dx! I have not got to add you guys yet Dx! And if you come to my town you can get a hairjob. You can change your hair color and the style =)! I will make sure to add you guys tomorrow first thing in the morning!
  10. Gonna spend the weekend with my bf :D! We gonna watch so much anime lol! Cant wait <3!

    1. Radical Ed

      Radical Ed

      i wish i could find a gf to watch anime with thatd be so boss. wouldnt be any arguing in that relationship =P i say that cause shed be so cool i would never talk back to her, and shed play video games with me. and wed live happily ever after. she might even go skating with me every now and then.

  11. Yea i can see what you mean about that but i find it far more irritating listening to naruto cry about his problems compared to sasuke Also what about people that have liked sasuke from the very beginning like myself i mean the kid wasn't born evil, he was like naruto but far more focused and intelligent (not to mention cooler and having far more interesting jutsu.) unlike naruto spamming shadow clones and that's it. Naruto does not cry about his problems. Maybe here and there but naruto actually did something about it. Sasuke cried about being weak for like ever and got jellous of naruto and turned on him. What kind of person picks a fight over that? Also Sasuke could have never saved the village from Pein only naruto. And Naruto has other moves other then shadow clones. Sasuke was born with a gift. He got something so powerful that he can use so many jutsu. He has natural talent. Naruto had to train his butt everyday to become stronger. He also has other jutsus like rasengun, shadow clones, sexy jetsu, Raisen suriaken, Spirit beast tail bomb. Naruto is more of a up close attacker while sasuke is more on his fire ability. And naruto is cute when he is dumb thats why some people like him. He may be dumb and innocent but thats what makes him strong. He will never be clouded with Darkness. And thats what makes him strong. He has resolve sasuke has nothing anymore. He finds out he killed the only family who cared for him. And he finds out he got used by 2 people. At least Naruto does not get used lol. Sasuke is not as clever as he thinks he is. He made pretty stupid choices. Naruto may be dumb when it comes to women and tests and jetsu but he is a hard worker like Rock Lee. Except Lee is crazy. But anywhos.... Sasuke is liked by people who can relate to him I think or thinks hes "cool"
  12. I have ate a fried twinke <3! And Noooo the horror Dx!
  13. This one will always be my favorite opening <33!!
  14. I love the Mokonas! <3 Me to they are super Kawaii desu <3!
  15. Playing Animal Crossing New Leaf :D! If anyone has the game to let me know :3!

    1. lolrawr


      Oye oye! 4983-6227-2959

    2. GoddessLuna


      Mine is : 353994588317

      Yayyy :D!

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