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  1. Iceland beat England. #Brexit #IcelandEuro2016champslul

    1. RazorDan


      I'm so gutted...on both counts :'(

  2. Ugh, they just don't know when to stop. They've already ruined the series. The manga was freaking great and they totally blew it, that 2nd season was just terrible and all over the place. People should just read/stick to the manga. Considering there's only 49 or so chapters out for ;Re (well scanlated anyways), they'll probably do their own thing again, but I hope they don't butcher it any further.
  3. I-Am-X

    Under the Dog

    I'm just sad it's only going to be like 25 minutes. They wanted like 5x the amount of goal for a full-length film. :/ Wait, it's only going to be a 25 min ova? Nooooooooooo Though, would make sense because you'd need a lot more money for more length.. Depending how it does, they can probably make a film or whatever of it down the line if they ever get the money but then again, they'd definitely need a bigger company or someone to sponser them and that would entail giving up their creative freedom. =/
  4. I-Am-X

    Under the Dog

    I've been dying to see this ever since they released that trailer/snippet so long ago. I'm glad it finally got the greenlight and will be going forward. \0/
  5. Key's first original anime series since Angel Beats! turned out pretty well IMO. Took me a few episodes to get into it, though, but it got good. mhm
  6. For a moment, I thought that this would take the place of the 2nd season of bahamut but that's reassuring, whew! Anyways, can't wait for either. Hope the 2nd season will be coming out soon. D;
  7. Yup. Just about sums it all up. No suprise hes a pretty boy. Reminds me of deermut. Deermut? Or Did you mean Diarmuid? Don't think i've heard of a deermut lol
  8. Some things that 'seem' popular, especially in japan, don't really turn out all too well in the states. Especially since companies poorly advertize the product and the lack of stores carrying anime/manga products.
  9. You sir should watch season 5. Everyone pretty much agrees that season 4 is a hit or miss. BUT SAVERS WAS FRIGGEN AMAZING!!!!!!! Also, for lack of any better words: ALL ABORD THE HYPE TRAIN!!!!! BEEP BEEP WHOOP WHOOP!!!!!!!!! I agree, I really didn't like Season 4. Practically struggled through the most of it just to finish and be done with it. Love Digimon Data Squad. <3
  10. The girl in the darker green uniform (the one in front) is Kari, one on the upper right is Mimi and on the left is Sora.
  11. There wont be a second season, with them killing off Esdeath, Tatsumi, Leone and the others. It's probably best if you read the manga because right around episode 19 the anime started deviating from the manga due to the fact it caught up to the manga and made up its own ending. The only chance of seeing more Akame ga kill is if they decide to anime the Prequel/Spin-off manga based around Akame's time pre-night raid. Or if in the future when the manga ends if the mangaka decides to make a new series with Akame doing something else, which is unlikely. Donten ni warau 7/10 Would give it a higher grade but it was totally rushed and the ending wasn't all that great but I still loved it. Especially Nishiki <3333333
  12. Finished re-watching Digimon Data Squad. Ahhh, still love it. 7/10
  13. Bah, all this time I was thinking that Season 2 would be coming in 2015 but that's just part 2 of the damned compilation movie. So much waiting. D;
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