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  1. Chrome Shelled Regios could be made into a very good game if done correctly. The story could take place in Zuelni, and over the course of the game you get the run of more and more of the city and its borders.
  2. The Last Story. It needs sequels. I really want to watch more of that constant banter. That game was almost as fun to watch as it would have been to play.
  3. DraconicHart


    And now, Lea has a keyblade. Who woulda guessed? Not me, that's for sure. If anyone actually was expecting it, you really read those hints in the earlier scenes damn well. I wish there was more fottage of what happened outside the Realm of Sleep in 3D though.
  4. Buy it, because renting it will probably cost more. I think that the tutorial ends after the first 72 hours of play. or, that's what a friend told me. Sad part was that he was trying to convince me to play it.
  5. Never played it, probably never will, but I think that if nothing else, it ties up a few loose ends from FFX. It could never beat out its prequel though.
  6. Very Hard for me to not say Axel, but Marluxia caries a scythe, vanishes in a burst of darkness and rose petals, and his description says "flowers grow as all else withers in the arc of his scythe." He's just extremely cool. Axel still wins as the most likeable member though.
  7. Garland, because he will knock you all down using the Armstrong technique passed down for generations! I lied. My favourite FF character is Tifa, because she can shake an entire castle with a kick. And also because she's really sweet. She beats out the rest of the FF VII cast as well as Kefka. She's cute and badass.
  8. I was vaguely interested in why Sephiroth beat Ganondorf in a best villain tournament, and I read up on him, then Cloud, then Tifa. Then I left it alone for a very long time. Then I watched Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2, saw FF VII: Advent Children, and I became a fan for life.
  9. After seven long years of having my roms and saves deleted, I finally beat Final Fantasy VI Advance, marking the first FF game I have ever beaten in my life.
  10. The card system is notoriousfor being the most obnoxious blocking system in the gaming world. still, I can't help but feel that it was rather compelling. I actually found it quite fun most of the time.
  11. Darkball all the way! ... NOT! Maybe a Wyvern, but I can't help but like the Hunter of the Dark. That thing was badass.
  12. I can follow the story. Well, now that 3D is out, and number III is coming out next year, I'm even more excited for that. Still, the prospect of playing as the posessed Terra is intreguing. I imagine that the three wanderers will be going to different worlds though After all, Aqua is trapped in the Realm of Darkness Terra-Xehanort is in the Realm of Light, and Ventus wouldn't actually be able to do anything.
  13. Never played KH2 (This must make me some sort of criminal), but I've heard that Sephiroth was a nightmare of a boss. I'd be more interested in seeing him getting more story coverage though. Frankly, considering that he just disappeared the last time we see him in KH II and in Birth By Sleep, we see Zack vanish without a trace after seeing a black feather, I think he'll be making another reprise for Kingdom Hearts III. But what I personally am hoping for is that he becomes a bigger player in the grand scheme of things, becoming another recurring villain in the next games after the Xehanort Saga, like Maleficent and Pete. Of course this still won't be for a while considering that after Kingdom Hearts III, they're making Birth By Sleep Vol. 2, and possibly a game featuring Kairi as the playable character.
  14. Well, the thing is, the remake has been announced. They're just completely ignoring the project. Final Fantasy VII: Jenova's Rebirth was announced in 2010 with a late 2012 release date. Of course, we all know how well that must have worked out. Chances are, they haven't programmed anything beyond that first mako reactor. They have better tech now, but because they're spreading their staff thin over so many different projects, they don't have nearly enough manpower. Therefore, the more sensible thing to do is to put the colossal project on the backburner concsidering that it isn't absolutely necessary, while other projects like The Last Story, Pandora's Tower, and Xenoblade were completed, were wildly successful, and then not made available in North America because everyone at Square-Enix seems to think that all Americans want all their games to be like Call of Duty and Dragon Age. Which is extremely foolish thinking because Dragon Age was a rather typical RPG and nobody wants to see anything that could ever possibly remind them of CoD because the entire series has gone downhill since the second game or so. (Not sure, never played them). There will probably be a second coming of Final Fantasy VI at some point. It's just not going to happen any time soon. Frankly, I'd pay to get a remake with no updates at all except for adding voice acting. Also, Don't flame? But you're calling it a crap RPG. You're literally begging people to flame you by saying that in this kind of thread. Also, keep in mind that there's a younger generation of gamers who haven't played it yet.
  15. I'd have to say that Birth By Sleep is my personal favourite. The GBA version of Chain of Memories was the first one I played (Surprisingly, Marluxia's AI is smarter in the original than in the "RE:Make"). And 358/2 Days holds a special place in my heart for mbeing the game that realy got me into the series.
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