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  1. Hey! Welcome back! Makes a awhile we haven't seen you. (and me as well) Anyways I hope everything is going as plan, and I hope to see what kind of awesome work you did! Encouragement can go along way!
  2. Well i just tried the script on the new One Piece EP. 517 and 518 and its not showing up. can someone look into it to make sure its not a problem on my end Please and also Thank you.
  3. Hey, been awhile any updates/progress? would love you heard news. thanks!
  4. Thank you. For the pass few days I haven't been able to be on my computer and now I have managed to put the script into the chrome version for Android. Android funicom-dl https://imgur.com/gallery/JFidF
  5. Oh I think we misunderstood each other. As data I ment as mobile data Can not test pop ups here I'm on my phone
  6. @Pikanet128 I don't like asking for things but could you please add the bit version within the booklet? Uses less data.
  7. I have no idea why everyone is getting errors. I'm still using dragon's UI witch is an older , much older version and I still have no errors. Also same for the url tempermonkey script. Been using this for my phone when I'm away from my pc.
  8. What's the difference with compact and not. Is it the downloaded file that is compressed or the program is?
  9. For both of you... 1. Because CR servers are made a certain way. 2. Wrong topic. Go to the correct one or make one. Stay on topic.
  10. Ok i have tried it out, it seem to be legit, and works fine but for someone that is new to greasemonkey it might be hard to install. @Pike, Isn't there a reason why you stopped the direct download, this is basicly the same thing, but in web browser.
  11. Hey pika can you give me some tiles that people or you are having trouble to get?
  12. wow it makes a while i haven't posted here but Dragon, are you working on an update?
  13. I guess Funi is fighting back the downloaders. but right now we still use Dragon's GUI until further notice?