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  1. Er mah gah, it would be amazing if they turned into a anime series! Someone please get one this.
  2. only when I try to get that one extra episode before bed and end up passing out half way through it, haha
  3. All the time! It's a toughie because of all the japanese names
  4. The storyline and the animation and art of the show. Samurai Champloo had awesome animation I loved the music too!
  5. Tots love the 90's spiderman series.
  6. Hiya! I'm newbie in the anime world and it is becoming very, very addicting. Would love to some recommendations as I am not to familiar with some of titles. So far I've watched: Samurai Champloo Fruits Baskets Ouran Highschool Host Club Aquarion (currently watching and liking it!) That's it....haha So, cha! Thanks in advance peeps! <3
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