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  1. Has anyone by any chance purchased or plans to get the Complete Bluray Seasons OR Amazon Rips Seasons for "The Walking Dead" and "Fear The Walking Dead" and could possibly rip/encode them and upload them? Trying to archive the franchse in best possible quality. Bluray is preferred, but Amazon is fine as an alternative.

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    2. Gin


      I think AMZN > Bluray, at least for the walking dead season 3 or 4. Didn't check any others.

      There are remuxes of the Blurays here:


    3. iBreaker


      @Scyrous Thanks for the advice! Koby suggested the exact same thing so I'll look into that a bit more.


      @Gin That's certainly an interestng note that needs some diggin. Thank for info. I will check that out.

    4. emjay911


      Why would you request an encode from here?

      There are scene releases and some good quality P2P releases ripped from BDs, Amazon and Netflix.

      Just get in to a tracker with latest TV shows and you should be able to get any TV show.

      I would suggest to get in to IPtorrents despite its shady reputation it has everything "almost" literally.

      Another excellent tracker with a better reputation is HDtorrents. Basically any show with 720p resolution  or higher should be available.

      Both are easier to get in to than BTN and PTP.