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  1. Please PM me anyone who:


    • Is an expert AviSynth user/encoder and can decently encode in h.264 10-bit

    • Uses Discord

    • And is willing to encode some anime series/movies

  2. Guys, I could REALLY need your help on something. Does anyone know of a way on how to properly and completely remove all the tints of the Dragon Boxes of the original Dragon Ball anime and the Japanese BDs of the Buu Saga of Kai without changing/modifying the colors Toei used at all? A way to perfectly annihilate the different tints of DBox of the original Dragon Ball anime and the green tints of Kai (2014). Any advice or help would be life saving at this point. I would to ask if there any filters or scripts or settings to insert/apply to AviSynth or something to do the job right. Please remember, leave the colors as-is but remove the different layers of tints that these two showd have.
  3. Could you please empty your PMs a bit? I want to PM you something and I can't since it's full.

  4. Is there anyone who has any knowledge of web design/engineering?

    1. Nabull


      I know the basics, don't expect too much :baffle:

  5. So, does Kametsu have any plans on doing:


    1) Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods

    2) Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'

    3) Dragon Ball Super

    1. NeutralHatred
    2. SoultakerSpirit


      I don't see it listed, but it's funny that I JUST baught Dragon Ball Super 1 and 2 on Monday and now I see a request for it. lol. If anyone needs the DVD source I can rip it and send or make an FTP account for that person.

    3. basheer_naimi


      hmmmm isn't Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods already been done by Kametsu?

      As for Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' https://nyaa.si/view/746947 i don't know if it's seeded or not

      I don't know about DB Super but i think no plans as of now. 





  6. I have a request please, 1080p h.264 Hi10 FLAC Dual Audio releases of: 1) Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods 2) Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' 3) Dragon Ball Super
  7. I want your advice on something. The purpose of the Signs/Song subtitle track for releases is solely for the English Dub track right? For example, if the OP/ED theme songs are dubbed or if the insert songs are dubbed or if the insert songs were completely removed in the dub of an anime, I shouldn't include any translations in the Signs/Songs track for the above 3 instances right? Please,  I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this.

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    2. Badman


      just do a signs only track

    3. Badman


      Btw that's the best dubbed opening. It's so catchy

    4. Badman


      Those dubtitles look good though, they have the appearance of the white japanese subs that appear on old anime openings

  8. Dragon Ball Z remaster Project

    @LordFenix Could you please give some details regarding this ultimate dragon box project the guy you know works on? Like, will he doing all db, dbz, dbgt and their corresponding movies, tv specials and ovas? Will they be cc and multi audio? Will he share them here on Kametsu or in public release in general?
  9. Hey Koby, could you please empty your PMs a bit? I want to to PM you something.

    1. Catar


      Koby's not around for the time being. If it's urgent and forum/server related, I'd contact IkarosBD, else it'll just have to wait.

    2. iBreaker


      @Catar Thanks for the notice. Wanted some advice on audios selection and he gave it to me.

    3. iBreaker


      Alright. Final questions.


      1) Should I include the redub FUNi audio on the Remastered DVD Sets or the Original FUNi dub on the DVD Singles or both?


      2) In case we go with the redub: Should I include both the FUNi dub with English score music and FUNi dub with original Japanese score music audio tracks or one of them would be fine on an archive release? 

  10. Best release for Death Note (anime) and the 2 Re-Light OVAs?

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    2. PanicPaintbrush


      @iBreaker I don't think I've made an official release thread on here... I might encode the OVAs and then create one for both when they're ready.

    3. DabDeity710


      I had the FMA release until I got PanicPaintBrush's, both are on xdcc I believe

    4. iBreaker


      @PanicPaintbrush That'd be awesome! ^^ Exactly what I needed! Thank you very much!!

  11. Could anyone please make a list of all the "official uncut home video released English dubs" for the complete Dragon Ball series? It'd really help for a secret project that might (emphasis on the might since it's in the starting proccess) be happening soon.

  12. Does anyone have any plans to do Dual Audio 1080p Hi10 h264 FLAC with styled subs releases of DBZ Movies - Battle of Gods and Resurrection 'F'?

  13. Since FUNi's isn't available in my country, could anyone please check those links and tell me what exactly FUNi has on their info description? For example, for Dragon Ball: 153 episodes + 4 movies. I want to know if they've updated them.

      https://www.funimation.com/shows/dragon-ball/ https://www.funimation.com/shows/dragon-ball-z/ https://www.funimation.com/shows/dragon-ball-z-kai/ https://www.funimation.com/shows/dragon-ball-gt/ https://www.funimation.com/shows/dragon-ball-super/

    1. Scyrous


      Like this? I hope it helps!

    2. iBreaker


      @Scyrous Yup, that's exactly what I wanted to know! Thank you very much for the info! ^_^

    3. Inverti


      You should learn to use a VPN. 

  14. Can you please empty your PM a bit? I want to PM you something!

    1. Mr. Kimiko

      Mr. Kimiko

      I'm me on Skype then. But ok I will.

    2. iBreaker


      Using my sister's PC that doesn't have Skype installed and don't want to mess with it. Thanks!

    3. Arian