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  1. I didn't really feel any special treatment when it came to games in Europe .. I think all's pretty much the same. Playstation PLUS games though are a lot better for Europe i hear. The only gripe i ever had between NA and EU is that i couldn't play certain games because they would only be available in the NA region. And by games i mean online games like Mabinogi or Vindictus. Had to use all sorts of work arounds just to log in .. ; A ;
  2. What in the world is a moonsoon? owo;; And it's rainy here! Rainy, rainy, rainy .. England, just stop being England.
  3. Aw, don't worry! It's totally fine! There are other things apart games that you can engage into! Like movies, tv shows and all sorts of series. The world is full of brilliant ideas and stories that everyone can enjoy. But for me in particular -- a game let's me enjoy a certain story and be a part of it. Be there and experience it myself -- that is the beauty of gaming.
  4. Definitely have powers and live in a normal world. That way i would have something unique that no one has! I could finally be accepted by people.. Would you rather have an endless supply of money, but live with an incurable cancer for whatever time you got left OR would you rather be so poor and so deep in all sorts of depts, but have very great health?
  5. Hello everyone! The premise is really simple. One post asks a certain question while the other answers and posts another question! You can only answer with the given answers. - Let's try to be polite and not include any vulgar questions with each choice being disgusting! - It would also be really great that with every answer everyone would give some little info as to why they chose it. That is not needed, but would be appreciated! All of it should look something like this: Post #1: "Would you rather eat strawberry or chocolate ice-cream?" Post #2: "Stwarberry definitely! They're my favorite! Would you rather kiss a boy or a girl?" ..and so on and so forth. Let the games begin! My question! Would you rather live in a medieval or a sci-fi universe?
  6. Talking about Final Fantasy Type-0 .. you could contribute by liking this page: https://www.facebook.com/OperationSuzaku and signing a petition on this site: http://www.avaaz.org/en/petition/Localize_Final_Fantasy_Type0_for_the_West/ I don't know if you've ever done it before, but just letting you know that your help would be really apprecaited.. >w< Since i want Type-0 to get localized so bad myself... Seems like the only good looking Final Fantasy game in recent years.
  7. It's really been sevelar months since i last colored something. I wish i could tell you what i actually used. I think my memory would only spark if i actually would be coloring something, but i do remember using multiply until i found a better way.. I'll be sure to let you know what i use when i color a new picture! Or someone else will probably tell you when visiting this thread. >w<
  8. I admit that it got a little confusing, but i never really thought Parasite Eve 2 had a good story to begin with, nor did Resident Evil for that matter. To be honest, i really liked the ending, it was pretty shocking. Not going to spoil anything to some other people, but after that ending i was like "Wow, i wanna play more of this." But i mean -- to each their own. I hope they continue making Parasite Eve games. Even though Aya is completely oversexualised and in the end feels like a tool, but then again that's what she is, right? A war tool to some people.
  9. You guys have to be kidding! 3rd birthday was great! I'm actually glad it tried something different because the first and the second one was pretty much a copy/paste of Resident Evil games. With the 3rd game i feel like they kind of found a focus for it and i would really love to see more. Parasite Eve wasnt that scary to begin with anyways. People are just too afraid of change in my opinion. The same goes with Resident Evil. RE6 is actually a pretty fun game if you give it a a chance and don't just jump on the wagon and say stuff that everyone else does. But then again it's your opinion and i respect it, but i just wanted to give the 3rd Birthday some light. It's pretty great. I'm waiting for something more in a similar fashion.
  10. Fleshrip

    Hello There

    Hello there! Wow, you sound really interesting and probably a fun person to talk to. I really like your choice of forum name too. It sounds really pretty. If you don't mind i shall ask you a few questions: 'What music do you enjoy listening to most?' 'What kind of online games in particular do you play?' (cause we could get together to play something!) 'Which Final Fantasy is your favorite and why?' Looking forward to your answers.~ nwn
  11. Haha! Google translate is really bad. What you said was actually 'Nice to see you.' If you want to say you're welcome, then it's -- Prašom. Though i still appreciate of you trying to talk in my language. XD
  12. Thank youuuu! Getting any kind of compliments for my artwork is pretty neat! I'll try to color some more and hopefully i'll learn to actually do stuff like hair shinyness or however you say it. u w u;; Ačiū! -- that means 'Thank you' in Lithuanian. :3 Yeah, you're right. That's one thing that bothered me too, but i'll eventually learn to define them more. Thank you for the tip! I'll try to post some more once i get around to coloring something else. Thank you everyone!
  13. I grew up with RPG's like Final Fantasy, The Chrono Series, Legend Of Dragoon, Legend of Legaia, Wild Arms and many many others. I loooove RPG's too and i don't think theres antyhing wrong with grinding. It's just that the more i grow up -- the less i like to waste time on grinding and stuff. Since there's so many games, but so little time so i end up trying to finish them faster. I don't rush through games or anything, i just don't spend the time somewhere where it's not needed. Currently i'm playing Tales Of Graces F and i reeaaally love it! It's so so so so fun! It's been a while since i last played an actual JRPG games since the PS3 has a serious lack of it. But actually on that game i've grinded sevelar times already even when i didn't need it. I like to stop at some area which gives quite the experience points to make myself stronger too. I like grinding, but not when grinding is totally necessary in order to progress. >w<;;
  14. Hello everyone!Yes, my photoshop skills aren't anything good at all or anything to post around, but hey! I want to get better and i'll accept any constructive critisism necessary!I haven't been photoshopping for too long so i have nothing to show yet at all, but i'd still like to share some of the coloring i did.It's pretty basic, nothing fascinating really, but i'd love to hear your opinion on what's wrong and what could be improved.So here we go! So what do you think? Any suggestion/advice are very welcome since i'm pretty new at this and these pictures are one of the first colorings that i tried to seriously do. ewe;; Awaiting your constructive critisism a.k.a brutal murder!
  15. Actually that's exactly what turns me off from Disgaea. Since i don't like grinding at all in my games. Of course in some JRPG's that might be acceptable, but not as much as to reach thousands of levels and such. I just like to go forward with my story.
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