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  1. How can you tell when something is re-encoded?

    You can't lol
  2. hey there dude ... i love ur one piece BR rips ....if u manage to find the naruto shipp. BR rips of box set 30 and 31 please give a shout ....tx and keep up the great work

  3. Does anyone know how can I get a account on bakabt?

    1. Akai-Shuichi


      as of right now it is not possible.

  4. What happen to bakabt?? My account dont seem to work no more ;(

    1. emjay911


      LOL Choey .. where have you been?

      Bakabt has gone full Private mode after legal issues. 

    2. Toddler Naruto

      Toddler Naruto

      @emjay911 @ChoeyXD has a BakaBT account though, it's just not working for him.

  5. Will Boruto ever come out in Blu-Ray??

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Etzimal


      It's likely. One Piece has been getting BDs from the Punk Hazard arc and beyond. (Maybe slightly earlier, after the time skip.)


      Though, if its like Fairy Tail, it'll only get BDs outside of Japan

    3. Etzimal




      Yeah, looks like if it does, it'll be outside of Japan.

    4. Inverti


      Why Japan would produce DVDs for modern shows is completely beyond me. Shows animated HD downscaled to SD never yields good results. 

  6. Converting mp4 to mkv.

    MKVToolNix GUI.
  7. Does anyone know a way to rip subtitle files from CR???

    1. Astral


      Yes. You can use youtube-dl to rip the subtitles from Crunchyroll.

  8. What's better bleach R2 or the blu-ray?

    1. thegameking


      The Blu-ray is just an upscale from the singles released at the time. and it's a pretty bad upscale.

      at least if you get the R2 you can upscale it yourself.

    2. Inverti


      Just watch Bleach in DVD, and the later seasons in HDTV. 

  9. Anyone else play Clash Royale?? B|

    1. EonJone


      Now days no ..i played when it launched ..btw i like clash of clan..i am playing from 1 years..nice concept

    2. Killua


      I used to play when it came out. I stopped playing when i became level 8 (arena 6). Now when i go on clash royale i just open the chests.

  10. Im probably late on this but what happen to Nyaa?? and what is some other good anime torreting site?

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    2. Catar


      @PDoggy77 just a quick correction, Anidex and Minglong aren't new sites at all. Anidex has been around for over five years (check their oldest listings), it was just never used much with Nyaa being such a central hub. Minglong I'm not sure how long it's been around, but certainly longer than Nyaadeath. It's just not an open tracker, so not exactly relevant to discussions of a Nyaa replacement.

    3. Koby


      Minglong has been around probably since before Nyaa. I know at least it's really old, and the interface: front-end & back-end have seen no updates since it's invention. While AniDex was created way back when Doki got booted from Nyaa so that Doki had a place they could place their torrents and not have to worry about autistic people kicking them off.

    4. Renzourin


      @koby  which is now really hilarious since I bet a good deal of those autistic people they ran from are now flocking to their site


  11. Is this laptop good enough to run GTA 5?

    What should I focus on to get good graphics? Ram, possessor or video card?
  12. Is this laptop good enough to run GTA 5?

    What about this one http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834331907
  13. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834266510 Judging by the specs can I run GTA 5 at 60 fps at 1080p or even 120 fps on this without lag or drop frames?
  14. Kametsu Member Photos

    This was me last week ;P
  15. Suicide Squad is a great movie :D

    1. Kcirtap


      Even with polemics and negative reviews, I agree.