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  1. it's been aloooooong time since i entered this website. still SUFFER WHILE WATCHING THIS ANIME!!! i suffered while reading the mganga and so you will suffer while reading the anime. still they changed the last events of the anime. In the manga 3-5 members fought with Esdeas and one of the nightraid members died while fighting (who died? that's a spoiler). so nightraid should have less members by now.they also skipped around 10 chapters after their last assasiniation sooo...... i say read the manga while you can because the anime will only give you an alternative ending
  2. Judge ! we have finished this game. so go find another one so that we can waste our lives with it.....
  3. -2=6 i wonder what should i do with my life after finishing this game...............
  4. -2=18 why struggling? only 9 more to win
  5. -2=18 still i wonder if we are going to fight over who is going to finish this battle (i mean us the evils)
  6. -2=28 well in reality. the ppl i expected to be good guys or the ppl who supposed to be good guys are bad guys and even though they treat me well i still hate them
  7. -2=32 only 16 post left COME ON MY EVIL COMRADES
  8. -2 = 46............. i guess because of festival or somthing
  9. -2 = 48 the next 5 days will be a holiday for me so i guess i am gonna finish this game in that time
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