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  1. I will actually drop an anime for an entire filler arc, i have heard some of them are decent but i find them all terrible, stick to the manga and break the shows up into seasons.
  2. Cheers for this list, ill be checking back frequently.
  3. Watch whatever you enjoythe same can be said for live tv.
  4. FMAB is 1000% better then FMA, its one of the few series ive ever seen re-released and become immensly better. In short almost every anime would be so much better if they just stuck to the god dam manga, none of this original story editing, or passing the managa and lets add some filler.
  5. Steins Gate, after many recommendations, im finally getting to it an i have to say, seems intelligent and different loving it so far.
  6. dont touch anything thats not in 720p or higher, i find DVD format or anything else to feel like "eye-cancer" and struggle to enjoy a show if im constantly grumbling about the video quality,
  7. Bakuman season 3, OUTSTANDING, ive meantioned this in a few post previously but not many anime's draw emotion from me, this one i actually felt a bit of a tear well up towards the end haha.
  8. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood got the 2 blu-ray collection from amazon, for $30 US each, roughly 30+ eps per volume, $60 for that outstanding series was a bargin. 9even bought a mukti region dvd player PURELY to buy that series, and make my future anime purchases that much cheaper.
  9. Couldnt give you an exact number, ive focused more on watching the series then remembering how many ive watched, but it would be in the thousands easily, and i still have SO much more stored here i havent even had time to watch plus with new shows that air on a seasonal basis i think im going to be set for a very long time.
  10. Steins Gate, Bakuman 3rd Season (loved 1 and 2 as well), Pyscho Pass, and i have to say i REALLY liked the movie Oblivion Island : Haruka and the Magic Mirror, even tho it was CGI absolutely enjoyed it.
  11. Bakuman Season 3 Finale, OUTSTANDING, this series even with a lack of action, the story grabbed me, held my intrest and made me look for every weeks episode to see what happened next it was INCREDIBLE!
  12. Sometimes i get highly dissappointed tho i will admit one series thats ending was a standout for me was the current Bakuman series, season 3 was neatly wrapped up tho i did feel the third season pushed forward at a much faster pace then the previous 2, which kind of felt awkward after the previous 2 seasons having a slower pace, but overall excellent series.
  13. For myself i love the Japanese audio with subs, it feels more authentic and the emotion just isnt protrayed well by alot of english voice actors. HOWEVER, in order to get my partner hooked on anime i had to get the english dubs for alot of series (she's not a fan of reading and watching at the same time) so i still hope that alot of series are pushed into being "Dubbed" or we may run out of series to watch together.
  14. Two series, were the basis from my entire anime obsession, Astro Boy, the Original series and the 80's series, and Tranzor Z, also known as Mazinger Z. Those 2 series lead me to spend lot of my time watching as many animes as possible, ie Robotech, Neon Genesis, GITS, and still progresses today to shows like FMAB, Soul Eater, Gurren Laggan, etc etc.
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