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  1. ME: "hey officer nice to see you again" OFFICER: "you know what i hate about this job? its that you give people a second chance but you still end up having to tase them" ME: starts running screaming "OH GOD!"

    1. lemmingllama


      Not sure if I should laugh or offer condolences...

  2. Probably not, i enjoy making signatures as a hobby, if i open up a shop and take requests, ill feel alot more pressured to make the sig, and stuff like 'this is for someone, so i cant afford to mess up, it has to be perfect' will run through my head the whole time. that would make sig making a bit less fun for me. his/her job is to be online =P ( might be a nonprofit organization lol )
  3. i was actually thinking about your posts in signature of the week, im pretty sure you made those right?? im not sure what you mean by hapazard, but if you mean i just throw stuff together till it looks decent, your right lol, thats exactly what i do. =D ummummumm, hmmmmm, really likes Roronoa Zoro from One Piece.
  4. GoddessLuna SerafinaStar lemmingllama
  5. Lord, will you please change my theme song to this >> https://soundcloud.com/tctf1423/grilled-cheese-the-champion << thank you =)

  6. is there an english dub of attack on titan, and if so where can i find it? and does anyone know where i can find one piece episodes >= 253 in english dub ? i cant seam to find it.

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    2. DeathTheKid


      AoT won't be out till next year. http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/34232-new-dubbed-anime-to-look-out-for/page-2#entry310085 As for One Piece http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=view&tid=429461 You can choose which file to download and not if your using utorrent. It's Dual audio.

    3. Radical Ed

      Radical Ed

      thank you death the kid =)

    4. DrumRoll


      yeah, give each episode a good year before looking for the dubbed version. Or bite the bullet and watch in subbed.

  7. I hope you enter the competitions often, because that means id have to step my game up even more =) id love to compete with you =)
  8. Ive never done request before but if you have a render and think of a style id be happy to attempt it, thank you for your kind words =)
  9. Hello, i figured ive made enough art to start a showcase. Please let me know what you like and please dont be afraid to criticize =) btw, ill try and update this thread more and more but youll have more luck getting newer stuff sooner from my Deviant Art - http://radical-ed360.deviantart.com/ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  10. id live underwater, i have a fear of heights and theres many pretty fish underwater would you rather be a cannibal and eat your best friend and survive until someone finds you, or would you die of starvation only for the rescue team to find you a week after you died??
  11. - Swallowed by Darkness - Theme: Anything Goes
  12. - Genesis - Laptop look and feel (i wrote a program that randomly cycles the wallpaper every 10mins from a directory of wallpapers) How my laptop usually looks like the current wallpaper theme i cycle through (the theme is a game called Remember Me) http://sta.sh/229vrjyafhbr
  13. i absolutely love the zelda series. graphics are not what makes a game. its only one aspect of a game. ive seen enough lets plays of horror games to tell you that you can find a few incredibly scary games and the games look like they were made from minecraft or for the gameboy advance. Nuff said =)
  14. hey Xyonic! my names RadicalEd. what kind of stuff do you do for fun???
  15. ^ that's my first attempt at fog ^ please criticize =) Theme: vintage P.S. i never knew i loved Studio Ghibli until i saw and immediately recognized what they've produced lol
  16. There are 10 types of people in this world, those that read binary and those who don't! =P

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    2. Dark_Angel13
    3. Dae314


      There are 2 types of P in the world too: NP=P and NP!=P.

    4. Nero D. Ace

      Nero D. Ace

      10? dafuq ... ah! ooh! i see what you did there!

  17. you seek truth but truth is relative, and relatives cant be trusted to bring good gifts! XD - penumbra

    1. jobonline20


      the perfect comment so far

      relatives expect gifts from yo

    2. Radical Ed

      Radical Ed

      haha i was watching a lets play of penumbra and i heard that and just had to post that :D

  18. To be honest your right, i was thinking of your signature when i made this one. i liked the way it looked so i tried to emulate that style. =) apollo dreamcaster jobonline - thats cute =D
  19. im loving the cry of fear soundtrack :3

  20. i voted for it as the first because it because it was put together very well and was simple. animation would have ruined the whole thing. just like what happened with godonizuka's entree, in fact i would have voted godonizuka's entree ${x}th place if his/her's animation was a bit better or if it had no animation at all. (i like the coloring and the overall mood of it. when you think of rain its usually dark and stormy that comes to mind whereas this entree does not conform to that, which i like.) so i really just didnt give much consideration to animation because its only another aspect to a graphic. and me saying the krutch part was just me sharing my opinion on animation all together, wasnt trying to say anybody was trying to do that. i also think that it takes more skill to make a beautifull graphic without any animation because animation can be very pretty and stylish most of the time you use it where as a piece that is naturally beautifull and awe-inspiring would be much harder to accomplish but worth it.
  21. well im never relying on google drive for backing up files ever again T.T

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    2. Radical Ed

      Radical Ed

      i reinstalled my computer uploading all my signatures, gimp files and picture resources plus my scripts, while they were uploading i took a shower and when i got back it said they were done but only a fourth of it was uploaded T.T and i reinstalled and got a huge suprise later

    3. Radical Ed

      Radical Ed

      i gave it like 10,000 files and it only gave me 250 back T-T

    4. Emotional Outlet

      Emotional Outlet

      aww, that is poop ono

  22. Dreamcaster rei - my personal opinion is that a signature shouldnt rely on animation to make it look good, all graphics should mirror the skill of the artist and not use one aspect as a krutch for the graphic, that is why im voting yours as first =) apollo - great job, some of the rain doesnt move though and it kinda bothers me (kinda like an ocd, this number isnt an even number kinda bother) korra - idk what to think about your text, maybe you could have made it to show up like a shadow with the lightning idk but it just seems out of place to me ---------------------------------- firedogx10 - your text ruined the whole picture for me, it could have been blended into the sign alot better, it just pops out way too much ruining the overall picture in my opinion breathless and godonizuka - both of your sigs would have been perfectly fine without animation. if your gonna use animation, it should compliment the picture and not be obvious at first glance that the animation is just looping betwean two points. breathless - your rain looks more like a stainless steel texture overlay, you should try and put more depth into it by making different layers of thicker and thinner raindrops. atleast thats what i would have done. and if it was just an overlay, the same technique could have been used just by upscaling and downscaling the texture with different layers. ---------------------------------------------- i was gonna enter but i wanted to challenge myself by actually painting the background and not use any other picture than the render itself, but i just couldnt live up to my own expectations and in my opinion the peice isnt finished, therefore i didnt submit it. (im horrible at painting so im practicing lol)
  23. -2=488 i do hope we can reach 400 soon lol
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