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  1. ME: "hey officer nice to see you again" OFFICER: "you know what i hate about this job? its that you give people a second chance but you still end up having to tase them" ME: starts running screaming "OH GOD!"

    1. lemmingllama


      Not sure if I should laugh or offer condolences...

  2. Probably not, i enjoy making signatures as a hobby, if i open up a shop and take requests, ill feel alot more pressured to make the sig, and stuff like 'this is for someone, so i cant afford to mess up, it has to be perfect' will run through my head the whole time. that would make sig making a bit less fun for me. his/her job is to be online =P ( might be a nonprofit organization lol )
  3. i was actually thinking about your posts in signature of the week, im pretty sure you made those right?? im not sure what you mean by hapazard, but if you mean i just throw stuff together till it looks decent, your right lol, thats exactly what i do. =D ummummumm, hmmmmm, really likes Roronoa Zoro from One Piece.
  4. GoddessLuna SerafinaStar lemmingllama
  5. Lord, will you please change my theme song to this >> https://soundcloud.com/tctf1423/grilled-cheese-the-champion << thank you =)

  6. is there an english dub of attack on titan, and if so where can i find it? and does anyone know where i can find one piece episodes >= 253 in english dub ? i cant seam to find it.

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    2. DeathTheKid


      AoT won't be out till next year. http://forums.kametsu.com/index.php?/topic/34232-new-dubbed-anime-to-look-out-for/page-2#entry310085 As for One Piece http://www.nyaa.eu/?page=view&tid=429461 You can choose which file to download and not if your using utorrent. It's Dual audio.

    3. Radical Ed

      Radical Ed

      thank you death the kid =)

    4. DrumRoll


      yeah, give each episode a good year before looking for the dubbed version. Or bite the bullet and watch in subbed.

  7. I hope you enter the competitions often, because that means id have to step my game up even more =) id love to compete with you =)
  8. Ive never done request before but if you have a render and think of a style id be happy to attempt it, thank you for your kind words =)
  9. Hello, i figured ive made enough art to start a showcase. Please let me know what you like and please dont be afraid to criticize =) btw, ill try and update this thread more and more but youll have more luck getting newer stuff sooner from my Deviant Art - http://radical-ed360.deviantart.com/ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13.
  10. id live underwater, i have a fear of heights and theres many pretty fish underwater would you rather be a cannibal and eat your best friend and survive until someone finds you, or would you die of starvation only for the rescue team to find you a week after you died??
  11. - Swallowed by Darkness - Theme: Anything Goes
  12. - Genesis - Laptop look and feel (i wrote a program that randomly cycles the wallpaper every 10mins from a directory of wallpapers) How my laptop usually looks like the current wallpaper theme i cycle through (the theme is a game called Remember Me) http://sta.sh/229vrjyafhbr
  13. i absolutely love the zelda series. graphics are not what makes a game. its only one aspect of a game. ive seen enough lets plays of horror games to tell you that you can find a few incredibly scary games and the games look like they were made from minecraft or for the gameboy advance. Nuff said =)
  14. hey Xyonic! my names RadicalEd. what kind of stuff do you do for fun???
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