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  1. I know people have different thoughts about FOX News, but they're reporting a person of interest is in custody: http://foxnews.com
  2. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-201_162-57579671/two-explosions-at-boston-marathon-finish-line/ Many injured.... this isn't gonna be good.
  3. Cool posts (the flu shot of the week thing). Wanna chat over Skype or something? :D

    1. Minkseru


      minKseru on pesterchum. Or kajoenchatner on gchat.

  4. Just got my e-mail server setup on my domain. Now I have the [email protected] email, yay!
  5. You could also do Linux. With WINE 1.5 being pretty stable, more and more Windows programs will run under it. You could try Linux Mint, as some forum posts on other forums say some people run it on 1GHz processors and it goes pretty fast.
  6. Stick with XP, even if Microsoft is ending support in 2014. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windows_XP
  7. Awesome guy who has a cool av/sig, and likes Bleach too from what I can see.
  8. Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder mumbles a lot of the lyrics on this song so people like to guess what he's saying, like this video:
  9. My server control panel is such a liar. I have 2GB of RAM on my VPS and it says I'm using 895MB of it, but console says I'm using only 193MB of it. It should be low considering I limit how many processes PHP and Apache can start.
  10. Let's increase how happy we are here, say something nice about the person above. N/A for the first post cause there's nothing above.
  11. I understand. I rent a VPS in New York, which is pretty cheap ($7.20 a month), but I know not everyone can do it. I just said LA cause a lot of the Australia VPSes on that site have a tiny amount of bandwidth (less than 50GB in a month) due to bandwidth being like, $0.25 to 0.75 USD per GB down there.
  12. I wish the download sites for anime here wouldn't go at 200-300KB/s instead of my normal 1-2MB/s. I cannot wait to watch my anime! :o

    1. J-Lord


      I know what you mean, 200-300 are my average, some sites don't even give me that!

    2. lemmingllama


      If you want faster, try the IRC. Sometimes you can get fast speeds. Also bakabt has some great torrents

  13. Hey, just woke up. Might watch K-Project later, depends if I'm doing anything today. What's that anime like? I downloaded the first episode from here.
  14. Mine is: http://www.youtube.com/indywxguy I upload weather-related videos from the local TV stations. Right now, there's one video up of a severe weather break-in to programming.
  15. 45F in Indianapolis..... supposed to get warmer again this week then severe storms at the end of the week.
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